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    I had a nice little “Weather Widget” (a very hard to find item compatible with WP.com I might add) running nicely in my sidebar up until a couple of days ago and now it has turned to just a “Link” only??

    Back about 6 wks ago I upgraded from your “Free Plan” to the “Blogger Plan” in an attempt to escape the ever increasing barrage of intrussive Adverts. Please tell me this is NOT the reason my Widget has turned into a just a Link?

    Thanks for your assistance

    The blog I need help with is kiwozikonnections.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,

    The widget is not displayed correctly because the image link contained within the code is broken.

    You can verify it yourself by visiting the link below:


    and here’s where it is within the code:

    You need to contact Booked.net and ask them to fix it.


    Hi fstat,
    Thanks for your response.
    Yes, after doing some amateur investigation myself I started to reach the same conclusion. I will contact the source code suppliers – thanks for your assistance.

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