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    Anyone aware of a plugin/widget out there or a combination of plugins/widgets that facilitates a list of multiple clients, each of which might have many locations and multiple specialties? Also, each of which has an image, description, and keywords regarding their speciality?

    eg: Client A makes widgets and has an office at location Z
    Client B makes widgets, also specializes in left handed widgets, also specializes in underwater widgets and has office at locations Y, X, W, V, U, and T.

    If someone clicks a client they see all the locations that they have along with other information about them.

    eg: Client B is clicked and user sees picture that goes with client B, description of the business and other text, and list of the locations and all their specialties/keywords.



    Hi, it sounds like you’re looking for a directory plugin. I’d recommend checking these:

    You can also ask in the forums for self-hosted WordPress installations. Most folks in these forums have a free WordPress site hosted here with us, and thus can’t install plugins… we require a Business plan for that, and it comes with direct chat-based support. So, while you’d be welcome to host your site here, you’re likely to get more community feedback there. I hope this helps!


    Thanks for the great reply. I didn’t realize I was in the wrong place, sorry about that. Even still you gave me some keywords and a better place to ask. Thanks!

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