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    I’m a novice WordPress user and have started building a website using the “TwentySixteen” theme. I notice that the text on my pages isn’t as wide as the header text and image and I would like to increase it’s width. Could someone explain if/how I can do this?
    Thanks Mike



    Hi @mikosh6,

    These edits can usually be done. Twenty Sixteen can be a bit tricky when some of the theme’s unique layout features are used (e.g. large image overhangs and pull quotes).

    Themes are individual to customize and so general directions are often not helpful. Please reply with the URL of the page you’d like to customize.




    Thanks for replying Jesse,
    The site is at http://learningcreations.ca/WordPress/
    If you look at the Home page as an example you’ll see that the header image and text is much wider than the overall columned text below the header image. I’ve used the “Page Builder” plugin by SiteOrigin to create the columns. I would like to be able to increase the usable page width below the header to allow better presentation. If I create a normal single column page (without involving Page Builder) the text is still limited to the same page width. Hope I’m making myself clear here.



    Thank you for replying, @mikosh6!

    As you continue to explore and learn more about your WordPress installation, know that your WordPress is a self-hosted WordPress.org product. These forums offer support for the WordPress.com suite of products. The distinction can be unclear, so you may read more about the differences if you’d like. Many of the settings of the self-hosted flavor fall out of our scope of support. You can find the WordPress.org-specific support you need at WordPress.org’s support site.

    With that said, I can get you headed in the right direction on this question. Go to your Custom CSS editor and put in the following code. See how to get to this feature as a WordPress.com user. WordPress.org is the same as of the last time I checked).

    .no-sidebar .entry-header,
    .no-sidebar .entry-content,
    .no-sidebar .entry-summary,
    .no-sidebar .entry-footer,
    .no-sidebar .comments-area,
    .no-sidebar .image-navigation,
    .no-sidebar .post-navigation,
    .no-sidebar .pagination,
    .no-sidebar .page-header,
    .no-sidebar .page-content,
    .no-sidebar .content-bottom-widgets {
      margin-right: 0%;
      margin-left: 0%;

    The theme’s default is 15% on both. If the 0% is too wide, choose something in the middle, such as 7%. Make them match or your content won’t be centered.

    Let me know how that works for you!




    Thanks Jesse I really appreciate your help. I have entered the CSS code and things are much improved. I didn’t realize there was WordPress.com and WordPress.org. I’ll direct future questions to the appropriate support forum. Thanks again for your help.



    My pleasure, Mike. I’m glad that worked for you!

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