Why so many ads? And so obtrusive? And so trashy?

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    I seem to recall that you promised your free plans to have ‘discreet’ / ‘inobtrusive’ ads… which sounded reasonable…

    BUT your ads are neither discreet nor inobtrusive. I cringe every time I view my blog from a browser without Adblock Plus. The ads are extremely trashy, completely irrelevant to the blog’s content, and they are obtrusive: especially that hugely obnoxious top slider. In fact, the ads have been getting even worse over the years.

    My blog is very low traffic. You won’t make even pennies from those awful ads!
    Their only effect is to turn me off to WP.com … currently migrating away to blogspot… and I bet many bloggers are jumping ship, too!

    The blog I need help with is julianshumblehubris.wordpress.com.

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