Why so little photography on Freshly Pressed ?

  • I noticed that recently photography is a neglected topic on the Freshly Pressed page, while time ago it was much more covered.
    While I understand that textual content might emerge more in the form of attractive headlines, my passion is for photography and this is the topic I am interest to see.
    Is this a topic that is becoming less important in the wordpress universe ?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Freshly Pressed is chosen by an assortment of editors, not visual curators, so naturally they skew towards the textual. You could make a formal request for a Visual Arts component of Freshly Pressed in the ideas forum, if you like.

  • “Naturally they skew towards the textual”? That should raise a few hackles… A visual arts component is long overdue and the question of whether photography of all types is “becoming less important in the wordpress universe” is not only valid but one that deserves to be answered (hopefully) by one of the “assortment of editors” who determine the final content of Freshly Pressed . Hope Rubicorno’s Formal Request does not wind up at the bottom of the proverbial Suggestion Box…

  • Raincoaster, this is not a suggestion, I think that visual content bloggers (many of them paying customers) like me deserve the same attention from the editors of WP as textual content creators.
    This is why I opened this on support and not on ideas.
    If WordPress does not intend to support visual arts blog, they should honestly state it and perhaps I will move to a blogging platform more welcoming for my kind of content.

  • I’ve had a quick look through a months worth of freshly pressed and, there appear to be around 4-5 posts featured under the ‘photography’ tag – so roughly one a week for a very broad tag which gets a new post every 15 seconds! I’m sure there must be a lot more worthy photography posts?

  • I also noticed an absence of the (many) wonderful WordPress Photography blogs on ‘freshly pressed’ recently (compared to previous months/years).

    To be honest, I no longer look at Freshly Pressed AT ALL.

    My interest lies mainly in Photography and due to time constraints, I reserve my limited spare time to being outdoors taking photos, not on the computer looking at freshly pressed subjects which do not interest me.

  • I think that WordPress are missing an opportunity to showcase the use of their software for photo blogs. Since many photo-bloggers will purchase space upgrades, etc. this seems short-sighted.

  • I agree with you tandava108.

    I was thinking of purchasing one of the more custom designed photography templates at one stage (instead of continuing with a free template). Now I’m not so sure.

    I had already purchased a space upgrade only a few weeks ago.

  • I have noticed too, Thank you dear Davide for this subject. I met with some beautiful photographers on FP pages… But I can’t see photography as before now… But also art is not there as before too… I agree with you, I hope Word Press, hear us. Love, nia

  • I’ll notify our editorial team about this. Note that you can simply follow the ‘photography’ topic in your reader to discover great photography posts.

    You can follow the steps in this guide on how to add a topic to your reader: http://en.support.wordpress.com/reader/#adding-topics

  • Thank you Kardotim.
    I already follow the photography topic, but Freshly Pressed is a matter of “chosen” blogs and a target of all of us to achieve more visiibility.

  • Our editorial team responded and they will try to bump more good photography posts into Freshly Pressed.

    We also post lots of photography related content on our Daily Post blog. In addition to following specific topics, there’s also the Photography Blogs in Recommended Blogs.

    Thanks again for the feedback.

  • Photography is not becoming less important to WordPress, as you can see from the staff response. In fact, I remember not too long ago when we didn’t have ANY themes optimized for visual art.

  • Thanks to you and the aditorial team for listening Kardotim, I appreciate it!

  • You’re welcome :)

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