Why is the new editor so much slower?

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    Why is the new editor so much slower, when it says that it’s a an easier way to get things done? It takes a long time to load (with the very unprofessional and highly annoying beep-beep-boop box); and even when just wanting to switch to the older version I have to go through the beep-beep-boop and an additional redirecting waiting screen.
    Is there a way (besides using browser bookmarks to jump straight to the old editor, which is not useful when using someone else’s computer) to set the old editor and the old stats page (generally everything old) as the default? This might already work for people who keep their cookies etc, but when using privacy mode (again, shared/other people’s/public computers on campus) just writing a quick update takes much more time than before because of the long loading time for the editor. It would be really helpful to have a setting for this in the wordpress account settings section itself; and I know it would make a lot of people happy.

    The blog I need help with is starfishskies.wordpress.com.



    Is there a way (besides using browser bookmarks to jump straight to the old editor

    No there isn’t.

    I tagged this thread for Staff to take notice of your issues with the new editor and your feedback. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond. To subscribe look in the sidebar of this thread, find the subscribe to topics link and click it.


    Hi starfish,

    Regarding the slow loading time, could you please let me know your primary browser, and approximately how much longer you’re seeing the new editor load in comparison to the /wp-admin/ editor? We had several reports of slow-loading when the new editor first launched, but it’s been a while so I’d like to test it out a bit personally.

    When you click on the “Switch to classic mode” we create a cookie to change your new post links back to the /wp-admin/ post editor. But you are correct, if you browse only in private mode this cookie will not take affect and you will be directed by default to the new editor.

    If you wish to Edit posts or pages, or create new posts or pages in the classic editor, by default, I’m afraid the best way is to go directly to your site’s /wp-admin/ dashboard and work from there.

    I’ve included this thread in our reports to the development team, and we do appreciate your feedback.

    -Alex G.


    Thanks for taking the time to reply!
    My primary browser is Firefox 35.0.1 for Ubuntu canonicle 1.0.
    Today both loading and switching to classic mode takes 2-5 seconds, but I’ve had much longer loading periods.

    To be honest, it’s not really the waiting that’s the most annoying part; like many, many users I’m not happy about the new way of wordpress “communicating” things to the user: the whole uber-colloquial style of ‘beep-beep-boop’ and ‘yay, lookin’ good’ makes most of us feel like the wordpress designers/developers are not taking the bloggers seriously (in fact it produces a very uneasy feeling of being belittled); and the new, supposedly simpler interface lacks the former efficiency, with a higher emphasis on fancy design than on functionality for quick, smooth work. There have been lots of attempts to communicate this, but according to those who started threads concerning this most of the threads are shut down very quickly and the blogger community’s feedback downright ignored. Especially among the bloggers who are more professionell than casual bloggers (like me) and pay for the service people are beginning to talk about leaving wordpress behind because of the decline in quality of the experience here.
    So yes, if you really could get some designers/developers to read this thread (or some similar ones), it would be much appreciated by a lot of people here, thanks!


    Hi starfish,

    Thank you very much for that additional feedback on the those messages. I can understand where it would be frustrating to get messages that are more playful or silly when it’s a screen you’d rather not be using anyway.

    I apologize for any instances where it feels like yours, and other users’ feedback is being discounted, but please know that we do gather all that information and report it back to our developers and designers. It is not ignored.

    I will also continue looking into anything that may be slowing down the editor on Firefox.

    -Alex G.

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