Why is my stats so low?

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    Thanks for explaining @barry


    Still not resolved?



    Been resolved for days.




    It seems that, when I visit a page through the WP Reader, his stat counter does not work. (through the windows explorers there is not problem)

    But Why?



    Because the Reader is not set up to note when something is seen. It has no way of measuring that.



    But, in this way, there are a lot of traffic that is gobbled with the Reader !! (tags, blogs I follow, freshly pressed,… etc.)

    Well, I see, in a WP reader entry, (in https://wordpress.com/tag/activism/ for instance)

    if I click on the header, then I go to a page like this:


    and, of course, stat counter does not run.

    But if I click at the bottom( where it say: “444 words more” or similar), then I go to the original page:


    and, then, the stat counter runs.

    Curious !!

    (but in the app for android there is not this option, i’m affraid)



    The number of followers increased knowledge just comes by email for a while. However, there is a difference between the number of followers in WordPress notifications and came by email. The followers with email information do not appear in WordPress. Visitor numbers also come with a delay also.



    I stumbled across this thread when googling ‘why is WordPress not showing my UK visitors’. I moved my blog from blogger.com to WordPress in October. I tweet links to my blog posts to 99% UK based followers which always generates a handful of immediate visits, and quite a lot more if I get retweeted by companies/organisations. Since trialling wordpress however not only have my pageviews dropped significantly from around 400+ per month to 25!, but wordpress stats are not recording any UK visitors which seems unlikely. A friend wants to start a blog and has asked me which I prefer, and based on the lack of UK stats I would have to say Google’s blogger.com



    I can’t really find the right place to post this since there is no live chat function or email support function that I can find (I’m a wordpress novice) but my stats have stopped updating. After having multiple people (with new IPs) go to the site on their own computers, I can confidently say that there appears to be an issue

    SITE: carlycomelately/wordpress.com



    This is a different issue, here is the thread to post about that issue: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/my-stats-remain-on-visitors-0-and-views-0?replies=48

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