Why is my gravatar not showing up?

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    I have uploaded my picture about twice, and it still won’t show up.

    It’s been well over an hour, and nothing.


    The blog I need help with is: leeshybug.wordpress.com


    i had to wait almost a week for mine to show up. one day it just appeared. why don’t you just wait a little while? hope it shows up!



    I can see your avatar now so I assume this issue has been resolved.



    i have an avatar, but i want to change it… the page tells me that it has been already changed, but it is still the same i want to change…
    help meeeee please T.T



    This is how I have changed my gravatar several times now. I went to the gravatar site http://en.gravatar.com/ and signed in with the email address I originally used. Then I uploaded a new gravatar and eliminated the older one.



    Here is the link to the wordpress.com support documentation entry http://en.support.wordpress.com/avatars/gravatars/ Do be aware that it does take time for the change to display.



    I uploaded my Gravatar over a week ago and still no cigar. Am I being impatient? Or should it be up by now? It is very frustrating! I have tried clearing my cache. thanks!



    I’d check out the FAQs first http://en.gravatar.com/site/faq/ If I could find no reason there for the delay in display then I would contact Staff



    why don’t you try uploading again and see what happens.


    No matter how many times I change my gravatar and how many weeks go by it never shows up when I post a comment. Is there any one here who really knows how to help with this?



    Uh, It showed up here though! Crazy. It never shows up on my blog…



    These are the best practices for uploading your gravatar:

    (1) Prepare the image prior to uploading it and make sure it’s no larger than 128 pixels X 128 pixels square.

    (2) The image filetype has to be either PNG, GIF or JPG. Make sure the file name contains only letters and numbers – no special characters – and make sure all letters are in lowercase.

    (3) Also make sure the image file name has an extension (Example – image.jpg)

    (4) Make your way to the gravatar site http://en.gravatar.com/ *Note the common questions and answers to them there http://en.gravatar.com/site/faq/

    If I had complied with all of those practices and could not find anything in the FAQs then I would contact Staff http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/


    Where are you trying to upload it? In my experience, always go directly to http://en.gravatar.com, click “my account” and then click “add an image” and do it there. Also when you do, make sure and set the “rating at “G” – the lowest. Some bloggers will limit the gravatars that will show up on their blog to “G.”

    How big is the image dimensions wise? My suggestion is to prepare the image in an image editing program first cropping and sizing it to 128px x 128px. That is the best size and works the best.

    Make sure the file name has only lowercase letters and numbers in it. No special characters, and no uppercase. Also make sure it has the appropriate file extension such as jpg, gif or png.


    A duet again.


    Try re-uploading ur pic?



    Same problems have been happening to me, too. Ah. Never happened before in the past three years I’ve been a user here.



    Please refer to this detailed reply to fix the Gravatar issue https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/why-is-my-gravatar-not-showing-up?replies=16#post-413068



    This is the link to the FAQs on the gravatar site: http://en.gravatar.com/site/faq/ If you have read the FAQs and have taken the action indicated, and have still not been successful then dcroll down and read:

    OK, but how do I contact support?
    Send an e-mail to support at gravatar dot com




    @TT Yeah I know that’s why I link to TSP’s reply

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