Why is a big white box suddenly appearing on my home page?

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    There is a white box on my home page that suddenly appeared and I don’t know how to get it off
    please help!!

    My blog is thefilmtheclearing.wordpress.com

    The blog I need help with is thefilmtheclearing.wordpress.com.


    I am suddenly getting a big white box on my home page that has NEVER been there before and I have been using the blog for over a year now.

    I have no idea how to remove it – can someone help, please!!


    This is the blog that it is doing it on so you can see what I am talking about – thefilmtheclearing.wordpress.com

    Thank you in advance!



    That’s the placeholder for the slideshow of the theme. SEe my intro to ML:


    Thank you so very much! That worked:)

    Now if I did want to use that slideshow on my Home page How would I upload pix to it — I now know (thanks to you) I just go into the Theme Options to enable or disable the slideshow itself but I’m slightly confused how you would add pix to this specific home page slideshow.

    Thanks again – you rock!



    You’re welcome.
    I explain everything in the post I linked to. You don’t upload anything to the slideshow directly: it automatically displays images you have uploaded via the Add Media tool of the posts that show on your main page. You can’t use it if you haven’t published at least a few posts.


    Ok, got it. Thanks again!!

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