why does wordpress no longer publish the title of each blog entry?

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    Same problem, different theme: Skeptical (by WooThemes)

    I already posted the items and after a while i found out that the title did not show up. I tried all of the suggested sollutions, but none of them worked :(. @justpi I tried the ones you suggested, like changing the format into chat. But that also did not work. Is that because I already posted my posts and then tried to change them afterwards?

    zoektengijzultvinden.wordpress.com –> six word stories.

    Should I open a new topic about this subject? I have the same problems, just a different theme.


    The change I made was to hit return twice before adding my image. It worked!



    If you have a theme that supports post formats, then each format displays differently when you view your blog. In the case of the Vertigo theme, for example, there is a gray border around the image and no post title for posts that have the image format. Any theme with post formats has the option to have custom displays based on the post format applied.

    In addition to the other work-arounds that have been mentioned, you can force the standard format by choosing the text option from the new post menu rather than the photo option. This allows for the creation of a titled post into which the image can be inserted as the ‘text’ content.


    Thank you….



    Thanks for the advice, everyoneeee! It finally works for me too!






    @catrymer: Why do you think we should resort to workarounds? Does it seem a good idea to you that a post may change its format against our will?


    My posts in Pink Touch 2 in the standard format still appear in the reader without titles. I have tried all the suggested fixes to no avail. Please help! There was some suggestion on the first page of this thread that there could be some kind of bug?


    Ps. My posts are all text, no pictures. I title each one, but the title is not appearing in the reader for subscribers to click on.



    @hollyannegetspoetic: It sounds like you’re having a slightly different problem. Your posts are in the right format but the titles aren’t appearing in the reader. Could you start a new thread for this problem and post a link to it here so we can keep the issues separate to make it easier for others browsing the forums?


    Ok, will do. Here’s a link to the new thread.
    I hope someone can help!



    Thank you for posting the new thread.

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