Why did you destroy the Stats Page?

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    Can I have the old statistics page back please, the new one really badly sucks. I REALLY hate it, it is BAD.

    The blog I need help with is jitskesez.wordpress.com.



    WordPress has changed the stats page for the worse!! It’s cluttered and no longer gives my information at a glance, no everything is a lot larger and I have to scroll around. I want the old page back, it was MUCH better and easier to see the information I want.


    You can still get to the older design of the stats page by going to Dashboard > Site Stats in the classic dashboard.

    Thank you for your feedback about the stats design that was recently launched. Some updates based on feedback are already in the works such as making the graph display more than 10 days, which should help with what you mentioned about getting more information at a glance. Other updates are also being worked on. Changes will take some time, so thanks in advance for your patience. :)



    Can there be a way to opt out of the new stats page? I stupidly closed the drop down that gave me the option to go back to the old page and now have to scroll ALLLL the way down to the bottom of the new page (my biggest complaint about it) to get to the click for the old stats page. I’ve bookmarked the old one (just like I’ve bookmarked the old New Post page cause the new one is another non-improvement for me – it’s be nice to be able to choose the old one as well) but my Bookmark bar would really be better used for other stuff. Now I have like 4 bookmarks for WP stuff when all I needed before was my blog link.

    I’m all for improvements, don’t get me wrong, but is it that hard to let us pick the one we want to use and set it, rather than having to constantly click a link to get back? Or at least keep the OLD VERSION link at the top of the page?


    Just want to add my voice to wanting the old stats page where I can see everything on one page.

    I also miss having a stats link at the top of my reader page.


    @ukmaryanne, using the links in the left-side menu on the WP Admin pages is the best way to stick to the older designs.

    Thanks for your feedback, ukmaryanne and colourcottage both. I have been collecting and reporting on user feedback and I’ve added your comments to the list.



    Second these comments… old was better.


    I really dislike the new stats page. And it seems that you’ve removed some features from the old page!! The world map is gone. And if I want to see the enhanced features I don’t get the enhanced features that I got before, I just get the terrible new stat page.
    I hope that who ever dreamed up the new stats page is a big enough person to admit that this is a mistake. This is character time.


    @stevemckelvie, thanks for your feedback. The world map was already added back to the new stats, and other changes are on the way.


    Thanks changes are needed. There are less days’ stats shown. Only the top topics and clicks are shown with no apparent way of seeing the other activity below those top few. The priority for bloggers is to get information when they are blogging. Using smart phones for blogging is just playing at blogging. I suggest that you return the stats page to what it was with some appropriate updates as requested by the bloggers. If you want to have some sort of “Reader’s Digest” version of the stats pages for casual stats checking, then that should be the option page – not the default page.



    Chiming into say that not only do I find the new stats page a huge bummer, but I’m also irritated beyond belief that I can’t opt to avoid it now that I clicked on it once just to see what it was about and now have to scroll all the way down to use the old stats page!

    Dear WordPress, for the love of all that is holy, please allow users to have the choice to use their default old (and much much much better) stats page instead of having to keep scrolling down to use it. Don’t impose your ideas of “improvement” on users.

    Also hate the new dashboard. It’s new but not better. And for the record: I welcome change when change is good but not for change’s sake. Not all novelty is good. Sometimes change is … to be polite: not good.




    My reaction to the new Stats pg., was that it felt as it was to originally include mobile phone and tinier screen technology with all this scrolling up and down.

    May I politely add that looking at blob stats. is more an info. checking either once a day or if we are addicted to metrics, several times per day. It is not really a “reading” activity, like a blog post.

    Hence, a screen info. checking activity by blogger, needs to present info. to us in a compact, 1 screen experience. Like a wristwatch, all in 1 screen. The blog stats. pg. is our blog watch pg.!



    Sorry for the typos..



    Have to agree, I really really do not like the new stats page. The layout is terrible and there seems to be much less information than before. As an example the summary pages now seem to be inaccessible. Awful.



    I see the replies in this thread from designsimply, giving reassurance that improvements are on the way for the new stats page. But why not simply return to the old stats page and leave it at that? I liked the old stats page. It worked well. I do understand that I can still get to it (for now), but only by clicking my way past the much-less-useful new stats page all the time, which is a nuisance. It would be great if I could just reject the new stats page once and have it gone permanently.

    What problem was the new design supposed to solve? It seems like a solution that is in search of a problem, an “upgrade” that wasn’t needed at all.


    I misunderstood the message from Designsimply. I gave thanks assuming that the world map had been re-inserted on the old “classic” stats page, but the world map is still missing from the “classic” stats page. So the thanks given was premature. I could care less if it now is on the “new” page as I want the “new” page to go away and let’s get back to the “classic” stats page with all of the features that it had before.



    The new stats are junk period end

    I use the old stats page on my smart phone every day and don’t have a problem – shifts to one coll and scrolls up and down just fine – I don’t see why the need to change if for mobile – the old stats work fine for me on mobile – so a lot of work for nothing I can see

    why not spend time fixing the https issue for mapped domains before all our traffic goes to zero as the browsers add warnings about our sites not having secure data – that will scare everyone away



    There are a lot of comments on this topic in another thread entitled:
    “Massive changes to the WP interface.”

    But I’m glad this thread got posted, the title is clearer, maybe more unhappy bloggers will comment. Designsimply has been responding to both threads and says she will report specific “constructive” criticism to the designers, ie specific examples rather than “it sucks”.

    @designsimply — one problem with your request for specific details that is that what with the endless scrolling necessary to wade down the new stats I and probably others don’t have the patience to “get to know” it through using it much. I forced myself to for a while, which was how I found several annoying lacks in the new format (noted on other thread), and no apparent improvements. But it’s so annoying that I usually just use my bookmark to the old stats page…




    I’m all for improvements, don’t get me wrong, but is it that hard to let us pick the one we want to use and set it, rather than having to constantly click a link to get back?

    On the other thread, designsimply told us that the “new stats” will soon be the only stats page – WP will not be keeping the “old stats” as an option the way they have kept the old editor as an option to the boop boop one…


    More on the “new” Stats page: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/stats-classics-how-to-set/page/2?replies=59

    I’m under the impression that the old stats that can be found through the old dashboard will be continued.

    The semi-old Stats page with the blue background and the map of the countries will be discontinued.

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