Why did my total number of followers just increase dramatically?

  • The number of followers listed on my homepage just jumped from 321 to 874. 321 was (and is) the total number of blog followers (via WordPress.com or email) and Twitter followers, as indicated on the stats page. Where did the extra 500+ followers, not listed on the stats page, suddenly come from? Is that how many people subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed?
    Blog url: http://dynamicecology.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • @oikosjeremy: this might be related to some changes that were recently made to Publicize. Can you please try disconnecting and reconnecting to Twitter and see if that fixes up the number?

  • @beau
    There are a few threads on the front page of the forum with bloggers who are having issues with Twitter and Publicize.

  • @timethief, yes, thanks — trying to respond to them all now :)

  • @beau: Tried it, didn’t work (in fact, the number of followers jumped to 877).

  • Sorry about that @oikosjeremy, can you try one more time please? I cleared some follower count numbers that are cached, so reconnecting should update them and hopefully get things back in order.

  • @beau: Ok, now it worked. Back down to the correct follower count.

  • Cool, glad to hear @ oikosjeremy. Sorry about that :)

  • I have the same problem as @oikosjeremy. It looks like the number of followers on Facebook and Twitter (via Publicize) are doubled when the total number of followers are calculated (as shown on my blog). I’ve tried to do what was suggested by @beau (staff) but it didn’t work for me.

  • Same problem just happened again. Number of followers listed on the homepage just jumped by 200. Disconnecting from Twitter Publicize and then reconnecting caused the number to jump even higher.

  • The same problem continues here! Disconnecting from Twitter Publicize doesn’t work! Number of followers then equals what it should be, including followers via Publicize (Facebook and Twitter). Connecting to Publicize again then adds the same followers from Facebook and Twitter once more, making the number of followers much higher than what’s reality.

    Normally, the calculation of followers from Publicize are updated only when I post a new post. However, when someone unfollows me from Facebook and Twitter it looks to me that the number of followers never go down. It updates only upwards! This might be the reason why when I’ve got “fake followers” once I don’t lose them! Strange! Please fix it! :)

  • We’ve identified a bug where multiple users connecting the same account on the same blog will cause your follower counts to be inflated.

    We’re working on a fix and will let you know when it’s in place.

  • The follower count issue should hopefully be fixed up now.

    If you’re still seeing a high number, it should update itself once you publish something new. If that doesn’t seem to work, disconnect and reconnect each service and it should update all follower counts directly.

    Please let us know if that’s not the case.

  • Sorry, no. Your fix apparently caused the number of twitter followers to not be counted at all. Now the blog homepage just shows the number of wordpress.com and email followers. Disconnecting and reconnecting to Twitter Publicize didn’t fix it.

    Other folks are now having the same issue and have just created a new forum thread on it.

  • oikosjeremy – Same here. No FB or Twitter #s, just email and WP blog followers.

  • Oh, and now my stats page no longer shows the number of Twitter followers. Indeed, there’s no longer any category for “Twitter followers” on my stats page. There’s just blank white space where the number of Twitter followers used to be listed.

  • Thanks! My number of followers now equals what it should be, including followers via Publicize (Facebook and Twitter). I disconnected from Publicize and reconnected to Publicize again before publishing a new post, and now everything is what it should be! Thanks again! :)

  • Ok, disconnecting and reconnecting from Twitter Publicize (again!) has fixed the follower count problem on the blog homepage.

    But the stats page still shows a blank white space where the number of Twitter followers used to be listed (there’s not even any heading for “Twitter” in the “Followers” section).

  • @oikosjeremy another fix just went out to better handle multi-user blogs and also for the stats page. How are your numbers looking now?

  • Everything looks good now, on the stats page and the blog homepage!

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