Why can I not display my name in my site?

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    I am studying journalism at Western Carolina University. As part of a pre-professional course, we are required to make a FREE portfolio/professional page to display our work and market it to other professionals. When I try to create my custom link to say ‘(my first and last name).wordpress.com’, it says ‘Sorry, that site is reserved!’, yet when I search it in my actual search bar, there is no WordPress site with that address. Why is this site reserved? My professor and many of my fellow students and colleagues are able to have their name in their address, so why am I running into this issue? I am not known by other names, nor do I go by my middle name, so I do not want to use other initials and nobody wants to bother with typing in a long string of numbers.

    WP.com: Yes
    Correct account: Yes

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to moderators and staff)



    What is the URL of the site you’re trying to register?

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