Why are you capping the amount of followers we can have?

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    I have hundreds of people monthly tell me they are being forced to “unsubscribe” to my blog. They are not pushing the button. You are capping the amount of followers we can have aren’t you. Either that or you have a serious glitch in your system that makes followers “suddenly disappear.” This is horrible programing if that is the case and if it is instead the case that you have a “limit” on how many people can follow our blogs then that should be annouced.

    The blog I need help with is aopinionatedman.com.


    And please only happiness engineers respond. I don’t need worthless answers from “volunteers” thanks.


    I have also seen that I have lost subscribers without anyone actually unfollowing me and they come back and follow me again and the same has also happened to the people I follow. This has been there for quite a while now. It will be good to get this on a higher priority and fix it sooner.






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    please remove the cap on followers, and fix the glitch that is causing me to lose followers, they are not unfollowing me on purpose, they get punted from my blog and have to sign up again, this happens to me as well, I end up having to refollow blogs over and over again because wordpress keeps auto unfollowing me , also fix your notifications, I seldom get any so I have to check it every few minutes for new comments follows etc, since it doesn’t notify me automatically anymore.



    Please listen to aopinionatedman and butchcountry67 . They great people. They don’t need to go through with what they are going through
    now. Positive and productive help for them is needed from this here wp.



    This has been answered by Staff previously. aopinionatedman

    No real blogger who published original content wants fake followers of spam followers or scam followers and that’s what this is all about.

    Bottom line: Those who speed follow multiple blogs in short periods of time are affecting spammer like behavior and the software has stopped them from their spammer-like game playing. Those who think those who follow thousands of blogs actually read the content in all those blogs would have to be light in the head. That said if all one does is publish reblogs and post individual images of cats and/or other stuff that lacks subsctance are microbloggers who will be welcomed at Tumblr. I say that the game playing has been halted – Alleluia!



    Positive and productive help for them is needed from this here wp.

    Here’s some positive and productive help for those who insist upon affecting spammer-like following behaviors → Tumblr: Sign up



    There is no cap on the number of followers who can follow any blog.

    The software will prevent spammer-like behavior such as following many blogs in a short period of time from accomplishing their game playing goals.

    No one owns a thread on these forums. And, none of us can dictate who will answer their threads.

    Our support options are found here https://en.support.wordpress.com/help-support-options/

    Any WordPress.COM member one who lacks an upgraded account and cannot use private support can contact Staff directly by emailing


    okay so just follow 1 or 2 new blogs per day and your system won’t flip out…. got it, it sucks but I got it, and fy1 I actually do read in excess of 100 different blogs per day , and I am not spamming or playing games, you guys assume an awful lot don’t you? I am a serious blogger attempting to make connections from around the world, to learn and make online friends…. what part of that is game playing? so okay I got it just watch how many blogs you follow and everything is gonna be alright….

    So lets deal with a few other issues shall we?? like how wordpress automatically unfollows blogs? what is up with that? why do I have to keep re following blogs that I have followed for months? and it’s not just me it’s happening to, so when I hit the follow button again , it counts as a new follow against your program… fix this please, it’s ridiculous, and while we are at it, lets discuss your notifications program…. I am sure notifications work just fine on mobile devices , but let me tell you, it sucks on the desktop, I have to manually check it every so often for new followers or those that have to refollow because your system has a bug in it , and for comments etc.

    so tell me… who is playing games? certainly not me, however your “programs” and updates sure do like to play games, and at the bloggers expense! please fix these issues, I’d like to pay for some pretty hefty upgrades, but I am not throwing money at a blog site that has so many glitches and issues.


    Hi all!

    You are capping the amount of followers we can have aren’t you.

    We do not have any caps in place on the number of followers a site can have. I also haven’t heard any other reports of this, so I’m going to need some details to be able to look into it. Can you give me a couple of user names of people who have had to resubscribe to your site recently?

    And please only happiness engineers respond. I don’t need worthless answers from “volunteers” thanks.

    If you want only staff to respond to your question, please contact us through our contact form:


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    I also noticed you mention this in one of your posts:

    Modlook is when they tag you for “breaking their rules.”

    Modlook is actually the tag that flags your thread for staff attention. Sometimes it’s used to mark spam or abusive behavior, but most often its used to draw our attention to a thread that our volunteers can’t help with.


    Hi, I am one of aopinonatedman’s followers that has had to constantly refollow his blog. I get booted and have to come back and refollow again. I actually spoke with a staff member today (Kristen B) about the issues I’ve had with having my follows deleted. This has been the most frequently deleted follow I have. I have had other’s get deleted as well. Some I can find again, some I can not.


    Hi thedailyblabber! Thanks so much for following up here. We took a look at the logs for your subscribing and unsubscribing to aopinionatedman.com and aren’t really sure what’s happening right now. Can you answer a few questions for me so I can dig into this with our developers further?

    1. How are you subscribing? (via the Reader, or the admin bar, or a follow button)
    2. Do you do the same thing every time?
    3. How do you discover that you’ve been unsubscribed?
    4. Do you have the site or WordPress.com in general open in multiple tabs?
    5. What type of device do you read on? And what type of device are you following on?

    It looks like you’ve subscribed to aopinionatedman.com via your Reader only, which means you won’t be getting emails from the site. Does this sound correct?




    This has been answered by Staff previously.

    Thanks. I’m not actually the one who tagged this. I just posted that because I saw people kept posting in an already tagged thread :)



    I’ve actually also experienced the system unfollowing a blog that I followed this week. I can’t recall it happening ever before. On Wednesday I followed https://tpenguinltg.wordpress.com/ via the follow button in the black admin bar on their site. Yesterday when that user commented on my site the notifications drop-down showed I was not following them, and when I visited their blog it also showed me as not following. I did have multiple WordPress.com tabs open when following, but that has never been an issue before. I’m using Firefox 36 on a Windows 7 PC. I’ve re-followed them now. I’ll let you know if it doesn’t stick.



    The Reader dropped my subscription to Hack a Day a few months back – so that makes me wonder what other sites it has dropped for me


    Sorry for the delay, I haven’t really been online much today. Anyway to answer your questions…

    1. How are you subscribing? (via the Reader, or the admin bar, or a follow button)

    I have subscribed by hitting the follow button on the admin bar (the black bar at the top of the page) and when it wasn’t “sticking” I tried adding the URL to the box on the “blogs I follow page”. To my dismay that didn’t work either. So the last time I followed Harsh Reality, I just clicked the follow button on the admin bar.

    2. Do you do the same thing every time?

    I don’t know what I did the first time I liked his blog maybe a year ago. However I know after it started going missing from my follows, months ago, I would hunt down his blog link from twitter and refollow by clicking the follow button at the top of the page.

    3. How do you discover that you’ve been unsubscribed?

    After a day or so I notice that I haven’t seen any postings by this author. Which is odd because he posts a lot through the day. So, I would go to my “blogs I follow” page to notice that Harsh Reality is no longer a blog I follow even though I hadn’t unfollowed it.

    4. Do you have the site or WordPress.com in general open in multiple tabs?

    Typically if I click on a link in the reader another tab will open. However, I tend to not have more than 2 WordPress tabs open at a time. I will close a window when I am finished reading a post and go back to the reader. If I am using another blog for a post I am creating like WordPress’ “The Daily Post” I will have the original post in one tab and my post that I am writing in another. Still, no more than two WordPress tabs at a time. I hate clutter so I tend to close down unused tabs.

    5. What type of device do you read on? And what type of device are you following on?

    I blog only from my Macbook because I do not like the WordPress App, so I tend to read a lot of posts from my Macbook. However, later in the day when I have put my Macbook away I will read posts on my iPad. So I’d say I read between the two devices pretty equally. Which probably means I follow posts pretty equally from both devices. Not that it should matter.


    Oh and BTW, no I do not receive emails from Harsh Reality because he posts too often throughout the day and I don’t want to fill up my email box. However I only follow a handful of blogs via email. For the most part I read them in reader. Which doesn’t really matter if I’ve become unfollowed. I have one blog that I follow via email that went missing at some point this week and I had to refollow yesterday. It’s not just aopinionatedman’s blogs that are going missing from reader, though he is the most frequent.

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