Which plan the the most suitable for me

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    Hi Support Team,

    Since WordPress don’t do phone support, I don’t really have to choice but to post this question here.

    I am deciding on which plans to buy, however I am not really sure, these are the requirements of my site:

    1) Multiple Pages
    2) Able to add Customise Pages
    2a) Add Customised Pages including external plugins e.g. Xfers, Paypal, Temasys etc.
    3) Add custom css
    4) add custom javascript
    5) connect to database
    6) rest api

    Basically a hybrid between a WordPress site and a custom size. Certain pages such as the company profile is WordPress which makes it easy for people to change, but certain parts of the website which is customised can only be changed by people with technical knowledge.



    You will need a Business plan to satisfy all of these options: https://en.support.wordpress.com/business-plan/

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