Which is a good theme for writing and photos?

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    Hey, I just started a blog, but it’s really frustrating for me to work with it. I would love to nclude both writing and pictures (a LOT of pictures in separate galleries according to theme). But which theme is the best? I’ve tried several – Satellite, Scrawl and Plane but I’m having tremendeus troubles crating a gallery. I’ve tried several ways:
    widgets – these looked hopeful, but the options for showing pictures somehow didn’t include the specific category I wanted to use to post those pictures (I wanted to upload pictures of my drawings and wanted it to be visible in “drawings” category which, for some reason, didn’t show in the options).
    new blog post – in the settings it offers option “post format” with gallery, but once I click on it, nothing happens (and I’ve just tried to set different date for posting but nothing happened).
    different theme – this was the biggest disappointment – there is numerous of themes but once I activate them, they’re all the same – the same settings, the same fonts (how disappointing). I also tried scrawl that looks like picture-friendly in the live demo, but when I activated it, nothing in the customize section really screamed at me “click here to post pictures”.
    It’s really frustrating – can somebody please help me and tell me how am I supposed create a gallery and upload pictures? I’m using Satelite right now and I kinda like it.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is travelerscomfycouch.wordpress.com.


    A little update – just tried to upload widget gallery to a category that the settings show me and it doesn’t show at all. It just doesn’t work.



    Hi Skylar! Galleries are a great way to showcase photos in a blogging theme like Satellite. We have a video and full guide walking you through how to set up galleries in a post or page, in any theme:


    If you get stuck at any step, just let us know!


    Hello, thank you for your help – can I ask for something else? I’m trying to follow a couple of pages but I cannot find that “Follow +” icon which is suppoted to be in right-hand bottom corner according to a how-to page about following sites. Thanks.



    Could you please link me to the sites you’re trying to follow so I can have a look?


    First I read this support page:
    Then one of the pages is this:
    So far I’ve only managed to start following pages that are already following my page because if I open the list of my followers, there is the “follow” link right bellow thei names. But I have truobles figuring out how to follow those who don’t follow me.



    If you’re logged in, you should see a “Following” button at the bottom right that you can click:



    Unfortunately, I don’t see it – it just isn’t there. I’ve tried several more blogs and the link simply doesn’t show up at all. It’s a mystery to me :/



    Could you try:


    Wow. I did not expect this – i was my Adblock. Great, thank you – I’ll turn it off when looking for more pages to follow.

    Can I have one more question? I feel like Clumbo now, still asking one more question :)
    When I set up categories as a menu, I wrote descriptions to each and every one of them – they now appear on top of every page. Howeber, recently I tried to erase them but failed. I tried to erase the description in both settings and and then in customicing menu categories. None of which worked.



    Glad you found the culprit!

    To find you category descriptions, go to:

    My Sites > Settings > Writing.

    Click the arrow to open your Categories panel.

    Now you can click on each category name to bring up a screen where you can edit (or completely remove) the description.

    Let me know how it goes!


    Unfortunately it didn’t – I even tried it with adblock turned off, but the description is still there – it feels like the page (settings-writing-categories) is missing a “save changes” button. I click on update, but when I go to my page again the description is there again.



    HHmm – that’s strange. You could always try the WP Admin dashboard here:


    If you hold your mouse over each category, you’ll see a an “Edit” link you can use. You can then remove the descriptions and click the “Update” button.


    Yay, this finally worked – even though with every “update” I got a page followed that read “You need a higher level of permission. Sorry, you are not allowed to edit this item.” But it worked, he descriptions are no more – unless I decide to create them again. So thank you so much for your help! :D



    Odd about the permissions, but I’m glad it worked!

    I’ll mark this thread as resolved but feel free to start a new one if you need anything else.


    Hi Kathryn, new to this forum (but not to WordPress). I see 3 likes that I need to block (which I did, in content management) BUT now how do I remove their like of my posts? They are spam. Thanks- Debbie



    Hi Debbie – welcome to the forum! You can turn off Likes temporarily if you want – there isn’t a way to delete them. Our developers are working on the spam issue.

    p.s. please don’t add unrelated questions onto an existing thread. :) It makes it harder to track reports and provide help, and it also sends unnecessary email notifications to everyone else who participated in the thread. Thanks!

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