where’s my site?

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    When I try to get into my site, it says don’t have one. But I renewed last week and I can see it when I go to bullcity.mom.
    It’s scaring me!
    Please help!
    Thank you,


    Have you tried logging out of this account and logging back in with the correct username and password to reach your site.


    Hi there,

    That site belongs to a different user account to the one you’re currently logged into.

    Please log out of the momsequitur230218 account, then try logging in with the username momsequitur.

    When logging in, please only enter the username momsequitur along with your password – don’t enter an email address and don’t use the “connect with Google” option.

    If you attempt to login with an incorrect gmail address, WordPress.com will automatically create a new empty account for you.



    I don’t know what happened, but I logged out and logged back in as suggested, and it worked.
    Thank you all!

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