Where to find custom values associated with header images

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    My alternate site uses custom fields to support header images labeled “nb_page_header_image” on the left column, and in the right column attributes a numerical value to a photo stored somewhere that tells the header what image it should be.

    This is a completely custom built site that I didnt build but am now in charge of. Rather than just editing a header on a beginner site, this one seems to be all code and mappings.

    Does anyone know how these numerical values are assigned to photos that are used for headers, and if so, where I may be able to find them? I have a media library but the numerical values are not found there assigned to the pictures.

    Just an example: some other headers already on the site are labeled say, 646, or 243, but I cant seem to find anything like a log of what pictures equal what numbers.


    **I should add the “select or upload images” button is dysfunctional, and the only way to upload certain images is by this mapping.



    Hi there,

    Your site is not hosted on WordPress.com, but using the open source WordPress.org software at another hosting provider. We cannot help with this in the WordPress.com forums.

    Please post in the self-hosted WordPress forums instead for help:


    Though what you describe doesn’t sound like any default WordPress functionality I know of, which means it’s likely being controlled by either a plugin or custom code on the site. In that case, support for that plugin, or contacting the person who created the custom code, is your best bet to get help with this.


    Thanks for the answer. The original web developer is no longer around, and I got left with what seems to be a tangled mess.

    Your link takes me to the general forums page, but I am not seeing “self-hosted”. Which category may be best?



    Hi there,

    To clarify, there isn’t a self-hosted section of the forums.
    https://wordpress.org/support/forums is the self-hosted forums.

    However, this would be a good place to post your issue:



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