where is my dashboard ?

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    I just starded making my website and i orderd some online lessen to do so… But the way they say you schould dowload wordpress is not the way i already dowloaded my site…. In my version it went all very easy and by it self. Do you think that is ok ? Or is it beter to start over the way my lessons say, it is very compilcated like that…

    + now they are telling me to go to Messages in the dashboard… but i cant not find my dashboard anywhere ! Is this because it is the free version ? Thanks ! xxx Debby Dekeersgieter from Kortrijk Belgium

    The blog I need help with is butterflyrainbowproject.wordpress.com.



    Hi Debby, can you let us know whether you’re using a site hosted here, or whether you’re running your own installation with another hosting provider?

    It sounds like you’re hosting here, but you’ve got instructions for the other option, and they are different:

    The good news is, we’ve got an excellent guide for getting started here:

    And even more in-depth info here. All free:

    If you are building a site instead, this may help:

    We have more detailed guides depending on the type of site you’re creating, so if you need more help, just let us know.


    Hi, Tanks for the fats answerd and for all the links !!!
    I have maild you to cause i could not see how to enter a attatchment here.
    i will include some schreenshots of the app in used to dowload. I hoop you can see on it what you are asking for… :-)
    The online lessen that I am taking is Interpelein Academie.
    Thanks xxx Debby


    Hi Debby –

    The screen shots can be linked directly in this forum thread by using a third party like droplr or snag.gy. Just copy + paste the link in to your reply. Then we can click on the link to see the screen shot.


    Hi, by accident i have found my dashboard i think ! I had to use a other editor … But now that i can see my dashboard, i can not use it… It says Butterflyrainbowprojects.wordpress.com has refused access….
    Please HELP ? why is that ?
    Thanks xxx Debby



    Did you mean to go to https://butterflyrainbowprojects.wordpress.com/wp-admin ?

    Again, the lessons you have may or may not apply to this version of WordPress, so I recommend this:

    Also, you are welcome to upload your screenshots via https://wordpress.com/media

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