Where did the edit option go when viewing a post or page???!!!

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    This just happened in the last hour or so–I’ve been editing posts and pages today the same way I always do (viewing a page or post, I click on the upper left tab in my toolbar, and get a drop-down that gives options like stats, comments, reader, and USED to include ‘edit’ until maybe a few minutes ago!)

    Suddenly the option to edit seems to be removed from that dropdown!
    I can’t find it anywhere else when viewing the post or page.
    I need it to be right up top and available all the time!

    I edit frequently, it’s going to be a huge pain if I have to go from the post all the way to the admin page then to that sidebar to open a page or post for editing–by that time I might even forget the comma or footnote I was about to change!

    Here’s a link to a screenshot showing the dropdown that now has no EDIT option.

    Is this a bug or a permanent change???
    This dropdown had already changed for the worse recently, the edit option sunk down in it to where it was harder to locate, but at least it was there…

    The blog I need help with is loopbraider.com.



    Try looking on the Post or Page itself (when viewing a single Post or Page) – should also be at the top or very bottom of the Post or Page also (depending on the theme)

    Sounds like the staff is “enhancing” your experience again –



    I use Expound and I have an Edit link on my posts. Here’s an example of where I find it from a post of mine. Scroll to the very bottom of your post and find where you entered categories and tags.
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    Suddenly the option to edit seems to be removed from that dropdown! I can’t find it anywhere else when viewing the post or page.

    I don’t think I ever used that one or maybe I just got so annoyed by the continual changes that I blocked it out.


    Look on the bright side. Without “edit,” we won’t be reminded to use the Beep Beep Boop editor. Now we have no editor. Great improvement!



    Here’s another thread that I tagged for Staff https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/edit-function-is-missing?replies=4#post-2227241 I think you ought to post into it so we can keep those reporting this keep all together in one thread.



    Hi timethief,
    My posts are insanely long, I can’t afford the time to scroll all the way to the bottom to click edit, but I have been doing that now, though scrolling all the way down there almost seems slower than clicking 3 times thru admin, posts, then edit a particular post!
    I also have the Expound theme, that edit link at the bottom is almost invisible –the font is so small and such a pale gray color you can barely see it!
    But the main problem is it is too far down the page or post.
    That dropdown was always within reach, no matter where I was on the page or post.



    Oh, ok I’ll move over to that thread. I started this one first, though!


    ingridcc, if you have a lot of posts to edit, try using the Published list of posts. You can sort the ones you need either by tag or category, or by searching on a particular word or words.

    You can find this list by going to the classic Dashboard, then click “All Posts” then choose “Published”.

    I also use the Edit button that used to be at the top of the page. It was very convenient.



    Hi everyone, sorry about the delay.

    We’ve been having ongoing internal discussions about how to balance the need to keep the admin bar as clean and consistent as possible while also making sure our users (and HEs) have access to the tools they need to do their best work.

    For the moment, we are asking that you try using the edit links in your themes and see if after you’ve used it for awhile you still miss the drop-down edit option.

    If you have a theme that doesn’t include an edit link on posts and pages, or if you don’t know where the edit link is on your posts and pages, we want to know that so we can get the theme updated and/or help you find the link.

    I know this isn’t the answer that you were hoping for, so I understand your disappointment and frustration. Is there anything short of bringing the edit dropdown option back that will let you know we are listening to and considering your feedback?

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