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    As a social historian I have a handful of different WP blogs, some free, a couple with their own dedicated domains. One in particular has become a valuable resource for researchers.

    When I pass on, or indeed might have to stop paying WP’s annual plan fees, does the blog vanish from public view, or will its posts and pages remain visible, albeit no longer as a live blog? If not, what alt arrangements might I make in advance? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is 47shoelane.wordpress.com.


    some free, a couple with their own dedicated domains.

    Are all those sites hosted here at WordPress.com? Free sites here should stay up indefinitely. Depending on the plan and what customizing has been done to the upgraded ones, not renewing “should” revert a site back to the underlying free plan with a .wordpress.com extension that will still be accessible on the Interweb, although there could be changes to the formatting.
    If you have “wordpress” sites that are using the WordPress.org software and hosted elsewhere then it’s most likely not renewing a domain will take the site down.



    That’s great news, and yes my blogs are all on WP.com. Thanks.



    Would this also apply to a WP.com blog for which I bought the domain 10 years ago via Go Daddy because it added privacy in those days? Here –


    @ontheliner, I see the site is hosted here at WordPress.com. If the domain at Godaddy expires, and the domain mapping here expires, then the site will revert back to the original WordPress.com site address, but all the content would still be here.

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