When are you going to disable autoblogging? It's just blatant stealing.

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    I am very dismayed that WordPress has made it easy for people to create blogs based solely on other people’s content. It’s hard work to create new content on a daily basis, and I can’t believe that WordPress supports (even supplies a plug in) to these autoblogging spammers. I have spent hours on the internet trying to find a way to stop this from happening. It’s unethical and immoral to automatically post other people’s content on your blog.
    My content is showing up on sites that I do not want to be affiliated with AT ALL.
    These sites allege they are WordPress sites – but there is no way to contact the site administrator and they are set up by a domain host proxy (rendering them virtually anonymous).
    I picked WordPress because it had a good reputation – but this is really making me rethink my decision.
    Blog url: http://thedailycreativewriter.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is thedailycreativewriter.wordpress.com.



    Have you read this? Types of blogs not allowed at WordPress.com:

    Scraper blogs: Blogs that take content from other blogs and re-publish it without permission (this is sometimes called scraping). If a blog contains stolen content, it’s gone!

    Automated blogs: Blogs that are generated by computers, including randomly generated blogs, blogs that re-publish press releases, marketing material, search engine results, link dumps or any other mass-produced content.

    See also > Content theft – what to do http://en.support.wordpress.com/content-theft-what-to-do/



    I agree that blogs which consist of nothing but reblogged material should be banned here, but I doubt they’ll take action.



    I’m also with you on the so-called blogs that contain only reblogged material ie. if I were TPTB I’d delete every one of those splogs with impunity.


    I did read the info at the link above. I’ve contacted the Web Hosts and asked that my content be removed. I still think that allowing and enabling auto-blogging just encourages content theft. It’s not adding any value to the online community.
    I wish these autobloggers would get banned. Another solution would be to allow bloggers to disable the RSS feeds associated with their blogs.



    I’ve contacted the Web Hosts and asked that my content be removed.

    Okay. Thanks for verifying that this is not a WordPress.com issue. Reblogging is only available to those who are logged in members of wordpress.com.

    Be aware that anyone can subscribe to the RSS feed on any blog on the internet. Also be aware that anyone can copy and paste the content.


    The ability to disable RSS feeds would still be a nice option. It would stop of a lot this since physically copying and pasting content is tedious.



    Did you know that disabling a feed can got around too?



    since physically copying and pasting content is tedious.

    Not really – maybe a minute to copy paste and hit publish – since thieves don’t care about giving you credit it is easy since it is only one copy and paste and not the two copies that are required to grab the article and URL

    You have your feed set to summery which does make it harder for auto blogs –

    there is a difference between Reblog and auto-blogging – Reblog at least limits the amount of text to about 100 – 125 words and has a link back to the original blog for someone to visit your site for the whole article

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