What happens to excisting private domain if I purchase a plan?

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    Question is easy…

    I have a custom domain with privacy enabled that is paid until 2019. Let’s say I want to upgrade to a personal or premium plan….

    1. What happens to the until 2019 registered domain that I own?
    2. What happens to my privacy protection that must stay enabled?

    Obviously it makes no sense at all to upgrade if I paid the domain and privacy settings for two years and if I have to pay again to get onto a plan.

    The blog I need help with is diaryofdennis.com.


    So, I used the contact form as well and texted the wordpress support the same question too.

    Then I get the reply that I was moved onto the personal plan, and they deleted one year of privacy domain subscription.

    A mod must seriously look into this… at no time did I make this decision!

    My privacy protected domain was paid until February 22, 2019…. now they did delete one year and it is only paid until February 22, 2018. And I was moved to a personal plan without asking me.

    All I needed was infos, at no time did I make a decision, support however did make that decision for me. This is so upsetting!

    This must be undone ASAP…. I was on no plan, and my privacy protected domain was paid until February 22, 2019…. I just wanted infos in case I want to upgrade to a plan, I didn’t ask to be moved to a plan or that a full year of my domain payment is removed. Upsetting!



    Hi there,

    As this thread is tagged for a Staff follow-up all you have to do is be patient while waiting for them to respond. Also subscribe to this thread so you are notified when they respond and be patient while waiting. To subscribe look in the sidebar of this thread, find the subscribe to topics link and click it.


    Nope, when things go wrong like that, I have every right to write a follow-up.

    Anyway, the plan and domain change was undone by support, which solved the caused issue. Initial question about the plans still remains.



    You can write ad many follow-up as you wish to in this thread and I wasn’t suggesting otherwise.

    We cannot purchase any upgraded wordpress.COM plan for more than a single year here at WordPress.COM and Staff will respond as soon as they can.


    Hello –

    I see that we’ve replied to your email from earlier. Please follow up there with further questions.

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