What are the best themes/templates for a local business directory?

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    Hi, I’m trying to decide whether to build my new site using Wix, or WordPress. I appreciate there are a number of differences but can somebody point me at the best themes/templates that are available on WordPress for a local business directory/listing site (one where services can be viewed by categories etc.) please? I imagine it’s actually quite similar to a blogging site where the posts can be categorised, could one of those templates be used instead?



    Hi @jeremys68, the theme doesn’t matter so much as the plugin, in this case. I’d recommend checking these:

    You can also ask in the forums for self-hosted WordPress installations. Most folks in these forums have a free WordPress site hosted here with us, and thus can’t install plugins… we require a Business plan for that, and it comes with direct chat-based support. So, while you’d be welcome to host your site here, you’re likely to get more community feedback there. Same with the theme question too, if you choose to ask about that. I hope this helps!



    Thanks Supernovia, I’ve since done more research and better understand the difference between .com and .org. You’re right, I need to go with a .org site and will search for more help on the appropriate boards. In the meantime, I’ll. heck out your suggested link.


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