What about the European Law of cookies?

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    The problem is… simple: WordPress policies (about cookies, specially) against European policies. What is your position?

    (This is a big problem for us, you know? I will delete ALL of my data if you don`t have a proper response for that problem. Note: blogspot can. Why?)

    The blog I need help with is smro.wordpress.com.



    The following is from our legal team:

    We’re aware of the recent EU privacy directive and the related UK Cookie Law. As of now, the relevant authorities haven’t issued concrete guidance on the actions that are necessary to comply with the law. We’ll be watching as the situation develops and may make changes to our services in the future, if required.

    For now – since sites hosted at WordPress.com do make use of cookies, you may like to flag this fact for visitors to your site. One way to do this is to add a text widget to your side bar and include a link to our privacy policy (which contains information on the cookies that we use). You might also inform your visitors that they can refuse all cookies by changing the settings of their browsers.

    Our Privacy Policy can be found here:


    Instructions for adding a text widget to your site can be found here:




    Yes, this is the answer that Im looking for: THE WIDGET!!! Im working on it.
    But you must try to make the widget more visibly, let`s say a special topic in support side (and site, of course!).
    1. First: sorry for my bad English, I will learn more.
    2. Second, off-topic: thank you for the code by SMS – that is the best way to log-in, please continue!



    Ooops, your automatic spell-check just made a joke, but you will understand, I hope.



    HI smro,

    Thanks for your feedback on the current widget option. We are always looking at ways to improve our services.

    Also glad you like Two Factor Authentication.



    Please see this new sticky post at the top of the forums:


    In your cookie policy we read:


    These cookies are used to display relevant advertising to visitors on WordPress.com sites. They track details about visitors such as the number of times particular ads have been displayed, the number of clicks they have received, and to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns by building up user profiles. These are set by trusted third party networks, and are generally persistent in nature.

    Here there’s just the problem with Eu cookie-law!!
    Now the question is:
    Do these type of cookies run if we choose NO-ADS premium too?



    @rinnovamentolivorno – as was suggested in the forum sticky I pointed to above:

    If you have any questions or issues with this new widget, please start a new forum thread to let us know.

    You can do that here: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/?new=1

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