Weird Traffic Referrers? Please help!

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    Hey there!
    I noticed today a number of strange websites popping up on my Referral list with quite a few hits. These include:

    When I click to check them out, all of them lead to banner ads on white pages. :S For example… this nonsensical link.

    I did NOT purchase any ‘cheap traffic’ to my site so this is pretty confusing! Is somebody trying to spam my site or trick people into clicking on the banners for $$$?

    Anyway, just wondering, if there a way to report / block these referrals from showing up any further? They are slowly but surely increasing in number and I don’t want Google or anyone to think this traffic somehow comes from me :S

    Please help someone! I appreciate any assistance from anyone :) Very much appreciated! <3

    Thanks so much!


    The blog I need help with is

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