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    Got four more today in my email inbox – it doesn’t show on my site – and marked it as spam. Hopefully gmail will now always send those to the spam folder so I don’t have to deal with it.



    Hi folks,

    I want to repeat that your sites and your personal info are in no danger whatsoever, and you don’t need to remove the spam followers manually unless you want to. (As we’re working on this issue we’re removing most of them from our end in any case.)

    There is no way someone can harm you by following a public site, and the only possible benefit to these spammers is if you send an email to the address they used to subscribe, thus providing them with your email so they can spam you directly. As annoying as this is, the best course of action is to just annoy it, and we’ll hopefully be able to stop this soon – the developer working on this is very good at fighting spam.

    The sad part is anyone who actually has an Outlook email who legitimately wants to follow our sites is getting hurt

    Please see my earlier reply above. We’re specifically being careful not to block legitimate email followers with Outlook email addresses. That’s why this isn’t just a quick fix.



    Just checking in to say that I am receiving the same spurious email address followers. Probably about 10 in the last week, 3 in the last 24 hours. I am manually removing them. :-)


    I also had three of these yesterday – bit suspicious so thought I’d look into it further. Glad I did! I’ve deleted them now, but it’s reassuring to know that wordpress are on the case.


    Hi everyone, started having the same issue. Removed all such followers from my list and for the time being, removed the email follow widget from the blog.



    Hello everyone,
    same thing here: three fake followers today with domain.
    What about putting a Captcha in the following process? Would it be a viable solution?


    same here


    Wow, so I am not the only one. Six email followers in 24 hours and counting.




    What about putting a Captcha in the following process? Would it be a viable solution?

    We use a verification link – if someone enters their email on the form they need to verify the subscription by clicking on a link we send them. Only after that link is clicked does the site owner get a notification of a new follower. That process blocks most, possibly all bots, so there’s likely a human element involved here which won’t be stopped by a Captcha.

    Besides that, Captcha has many accessibility problems and can make it very hard for people with poor or no eyesight to use any service. We don’t use Captcha anywhere on or Jetpack, relying on a two-step opt-in process instead.




    Same here. While I am happy to get new followers, having a number of followers with very similar long stringed outlook email addresses is suspicious.




    @kokkieh: thanks for clearing that out.
    BTW, hope you will find a good solution… that’s quite an annoying thing.
    Thanks for your help


    Same here. Just got one more!



    Same here. I’ve got a few a day for the last few days. Annoying….



    Thanks for starting this thread. I, too, have had at least 10 followers in the last week whose email address follows the pattern described by many. As annoying as it is, I’m thankful that the issue has been raised. FWIW, I’m choosing to delete the obviously bogus followers and not engage with any email.



    Hey everyone!
    Just wanted to add I’ve been seeing an increase in followers with long suspicious names as well. Most of it is focused on my blog for university with a total of 10 such email followers, in the past 48 hours. My main blog hasn’t been as affected by 2 suspicious followers appearing today in my email followers list.

    I’ve just been removing them manually. Although I am debating whether to just go ahead and remove the email follow widget as an extra precaution. Glad to know I’m not the only one experiencing this.



    Same here. Got 4 in a row at



    Me to. I’ve got four active sites all getting these spam followers.


    Well, this answers my questions about my new followers having strange email addresses! Thanks for the proof that I’m not alone (fellow bloggers) and the reassurance (wordpress team.) I’ve deleted all the obvious ones – two are hispanic sounding names with outlook email addresses which could actually be genuine, so I’m leaving those for now!
    Got to say, as a new blogger, I was really chuffed to have a slew of new followers… chuffed at first, anyway. Bah! :D


    Yes, I received about 5 of these same weird email followers with the same outlook address. I went ahead and removed them manually. I truly hope WP resolves this issue.



    Same here. Half a dozen over the last several days on my active blog, all email followers with fake-looking outlook addresses; finally checked my email followers on the site and 3 are gone already.

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