Weird design!!! clicking on "leave a comment" doesn't do anything!?

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    On this blog (specifically this page) :

    When I click on “Leave a comment” nothing happens. Why? Does it happen to you (could you please try and tell me?)

    The main page of that blog is weirdly designed. It’s not a blog post, yet it says sorry nothing is found?!

    Here, take a look:


    How can I contact a blog creator for example to ask them to take the blog down (if they obviously don’t use it and I need the name to work on it, of course this is just a request nothing more; they will do it according to their will of course) and I would like to use the name of the blog because I might be more ready to use it than they would (hypothetically) as a really well-intentioned request of course.)

    Is there a way to contact blog creators other than commenting on their public posts or whatever?

    I will be really grateful if I found help (or not, still, I like WordPress community! haha) Please help regardless of any biases ^_^

    Thanks in advance.



    Hi there,

    To contact a blog owner you need to either leave a comment in one of their posts or try and find if there’s a contact form to reach them privately.

    If you reach them and they agree to transfer you their blog address, you follow these instructions:


    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    I’m curious. Did you try to leave a comment just to test the design? Isn’t it weird?



    I haven’t, but this blog uses a really old theme and it hasn’t been updated for years.


    Oh Ok. I understand now. Thanks for your help, appreciate it. ^_^



    You’re welcome :)

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