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    As administer of I received an email from WordPress on 20 May stating that our domain ‘has DNS A records that point directly to a set of IP addresses that will cease to work on or after May 20th 2015’. It then went on to state that I needed to update the DNS records to two IP addresses (given). As I am not a computer expert this instruction made no sense to me. What (in simple English please) do I need to do to restore access to the website?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    A records point to specific IP address, the one it is currently pointing to has ceased to work.

    Apparently, your domain seems to be hosted with judging from its name servers. If yes, you can update them by going to My Domains page, click Edit next to the domain and in the new screen, go to Edit DNS section. Here’s a detailed guide.

    There you might find an existing A DNS record. If not, create new ones pointing to the new IP addresses. Here is an image of what you should expect for A record.

    If you’re not able to set it on your own, do reply and I’ll tag this thread for Staff help.



    Since your domain is registered outside of you must tell it to point to One way to do this is to use a Dynamic Name Server (DNS) record called an A RECORD. We don’t recommend using this method as we sometimes change the IP Addresses of our servers which can cause custom domains to stop functioning.

    We recommend using the Name Server method as described here:

    If you do want to continue to use the A RECORD method you will need to update your current records to the new ones we provided in that email. If you need help talk to your registrar (where you bought the domain) for help changing the DNS settings as this must be done on their end.



    Hi bdukes,

    Since the domain is already pointing to, I assumed these name servers would still be valid for mapping purposes, but seems like they’re not.

    Can you confirm, for my own knowledge. Much thanks! :)



    Hi ehtis,

    Where are you seeing the name servers pointing to automattic? The Automattic name servers are not used by users.

    When I do a whois lookup I see:

    Name servers:



    Hi again ehtis,

    I think I understand your question now :) Are you asking about the A RECORD pointing to a IP address?

    If so we recently changed the IP Address of our servers which caused any domain still pointing an A RECORD to that domain to stop functioning. We did alert the users who were using A RECORDS in advance.

    We always recommend using the Name Servers we provide as then you’ll always be using the latest IP addresses and have no need to update the A RECORDS.

    In short, we still have the IP address on the original A RECORD, but it is no longer pointing to the server of the user’s site in this case.



    Hmm, this is very strange, Brooke.

    I looked up the NS record yesterday while replying to this thread and it returned ns1/2/ It was indeed strange as these name servers are not used for blogs. This is what I said in my first post:

    Apparently, your domain seems to be hosted with judging from its name servers

    Seems like I looked up some other domain and got confused! Apologies for the mix up.

    And yes I did know about the A record change, thanks for the reply and clarification! :)

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