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    I’m not sure what to do here – my website has disappeared. How can I find out what happened? Can my site be restored?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there!

    Thanks for reaching out. If you have recently deleted your website — or maybe you have but don’t know, check out this support article.

    If you have also recently deleted the “home” page of your site — you can easily restore it. This support article can assist you as well, as it has more detail into what your question was. Basically — it means that you can recover it without actually deleting it permanently.

    If you’re not seeing your site name in your site dashboard “My Site(s)” then please contact Support here.

    Please reply if I didn’t understand or answer your question, and me or someone else would be glad to help you out!

    Thanks so much!


    Hi katherinefoodwisdom, can you share the address of the website in question? I can have a look at it and suggest further.


    katherinefoodwisdom The site attached to your account hasn’t disappeared, but is devoid of content. What is the address of the missing site? Is it which seems to redirect to a non-existent site?


    The site is and the content has all disappeared.

    I’m trying to remain calm until I get some answers, but this is pretty devastating!



    Same issue for / it disappeared from my my sites lists. Login via wp-admin results in HTML 500.



    Hi there, @theschappy if you want Support please don’t add your request to an existing one unless you are helping users.

    If you need more help understanding, visit this support article.

    Please start a new thread with your request so that we could better assit you!


    @katherinefoodwisdom I have added the modlook tag for staff to investigate further.
    @theschappy I see the 500 error but it would be preferable for you to start your own thread about your issues.



    @theschappy just noting you seem to be logged into the wrong account. Do go ahead and open a new thread if you need more help.



    @ katherinefoodwisdom this seems to be related to your earlier billing issues. I’m working with the team to sort this out.



    @katherinefoodwisdom since you cleared up the billing issues, we were able to add the domain back to your account.

    I’m not positive yet though whether it’s pointed where you wanted it to point. Were you hosting your site elsewhere?


    Thank you for your help on this. I’m really confused. Isn’t WordPress who hosts me?


    When you say logged into the wrong account, what do you mean?

    Thanks again!


    I see that I might be hosted by BlueHost which is currently up to date. Is that the problem?




    This is a software for, and not for self-hosted sites. sites are hosted under It looks like you have a subdomain of ““, so you shouldn’t be worried. @supernovia may reply, but I am sharing my pre-known knowledge. Also, check out this support article, and that will explain more.

    Should you have more questions — please reply and we’ll be able to help.




    supernovia, Staff has already posted into this thread and will continue to provide support until the issue is resolved. Please see: Volunteers and thanks, in advance, for not posting into threads Staff are already assisting in.



    When you say logged into the wrong account, what do you mean?

    That was meant for the other user (theschappy) who also posted on your thread. You can ignore that.

    Is everything working the way you like it now?


    Please let me know what the status is – I do have a site now but it has no content. What happened to my website/blog? Please let me know as soon as possible if the old site can be recovered.


    @katherinefoodwisdom The domain (which did have content in the past) is now mapped to the empty
    Before supernovia returns perhaps you could supply more details to her earlier question:

    I’m not positive yet though whether it’s pointed where you wanted it to point. Were you hosting your site elsewhere?



    It looks like you may have last had the domain pointed at Bluehost. Does that sound familiar at all to you?

    Your website may be there but I don’t want to change the settings without confirming with you first.

    Can you contact whoever you pay for hosting, and ask them (you can quote this) what the name server settings should be? Then let us know here what they tell you, or follow these steps.

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