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    I just tried to apply an update to my website theme, and as soon as I applied the update, my website went down leaving only the message, “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” Not only is the Admin area inaccessible, the entire public website is down. This is the second time this has happened in the last week when applying an update, the previous was for a plug in. the website is

    Now, after a few minutes, a new error message has appeared, “There has been a critical error on your website.” I need this resolved immediately.


    Additional information: I now have access to the Admin area. When viewing the Appearance page, I see an error message, “ERROR: Stylesheet is missing.” When I click the Avada theme Customize button, I get this message: “Template is missing. Standalone themes need to have a index.php template file. Child themes need to have a Template header in the style.css stylesheet.”

    These bits of information are useless in that they do not tell me how to fix it.


    Now, it is saying “The active theme is broken. Reverting to the default theme.” The website is still down and I cannot fix it. I need help NOW.


    Hello? Is there anyone actually monitoring this forum?


    The Avada theme is completely dead. I cannot find any themes that are compatible with the content of my website. I lack the time, money or resources to build an entirely new website. I need help NOW! This is going to lose me money.


    Well, it’s been over 13 hours since I originally posted this, with no response. Thanks for the not helping.


    You probably haven’t had a reply because this forum assists with free sites hosted at Your site is hosted at GoDaddy and will be using the (different) wordpress installation. Support is found by registering an account at


    Well, that response 13 hours ago would have been more helpful than just radio silence.



    The likelihood is no one was able to respond to your question.


    Good to know for future reference.



    They may not have seen your particular post if it was over 13 hours before.



    Bearing in mind time zone differences, perhaps the monitors of the blog live in a different time zone to you and when it’s daytime for you it’s night time for them.



    I’ve added a ‘modlook’ (‘moderators look’, I suppose) tag to this post. This will send the post to a small group of posts that the moderators of WordPress will know to look at; hopefully they will be able to answer you question.
    Sorry for the delay, although sometimes patience is key.


    @writer0001 Staff here can’t assist with sites using the software hosted elsewhere. Have you read:



    Sorry, I didn’t realise. I’m new to WordPress and don’t really understand the Forum stuff, sorry. I’ll know for next time.

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