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    We have a current wordpress website but this is not showing up as a site when I log in. It has not been used for a while but I am the new administrator and need to update the site. Can you help?

    Below is our club website.




    Hi Matt,

    to be able to manage the site, you’ll want to access the account that owns it (or is set as an admin on it) – your account manakayakracing579728405 is not associated with the site.

    If you do not have access to the correct account, please check out this page and fill out the Account Recovery form to regain access:



    We do not have any of the authentication needed for the Account Recovery. This was held by an old administrator who has left the club and can not be contacted. Is there another way to gain access to the account.

    I am a current committee member of the club trying to sort this out so we can update the site.




    All the accepted proofs of ownership are listed on the page I linked before. You can also email directly our Account Recovery team at passwordhelp[at] They’ll review your case and get back to you.

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