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    One of the guys who helped start the site has left. We need to switch the info to our names and remove his access. how do we do that?

    The blog I need help with is cardinalsportszone.com.


    If he is the original site creator, he will need to transfer ownership of the blog to another member before he can be removed as an administrator. Note that if he is still the administrator, he will need to select the link in the email sent to the address he registered with before the transfer will be completed.
    Steps to do this can be found here:

    To remove an editor/author/contributor, open up My Site->People, select the person you want to remove, and select remove.


    I asked for help on Sunday about a similar matter. My blog is https://blackbutterfly7.wordpress.com. In November 2015, I removed a user who had author privileges. He deleted his gravatar account. The posts that he wrote still had his by-line and the gravatar next to his handle on comments went blank. This past Saturday, I noticed that his by-line has been replaced with my handle. That doesn’t concern me as much as that my gravatar now appears with his handle across Word Press. It’s not just comments on my blog but on all blogs where he posted.

    My gravatar has been associated with me for years. I don’t want his comments mistaken as my own. The person is on a dangerous agenda as well, so I suspect that he contacted Word Press about removing his by-lines and it ended up giving him my Gravatar identity. THIS MUST BE UNDONE. It is very misleading for his comments to appear with my Gravatar. He hoped to disassociate himself with my blog, but people in the Word Press community recognize my Gravatar with my handle, so he is actually associating himself AS me.


    Another development regarding my gravatar; I went to a blog where the former writer has left comments. I had clicked “like” for the post yesterday. When I clicked my gravatar today, the following resulted;


    This is serious, and I would like to resolved ASAP. Should I post this to another forum where I can receive faster assistance?



    all pages and posts need an author – so when you removed the person / account the pages and posts they made needed to have an author / owner

    why your id is spreading across the internet I don’t know

    I have flagged this to see if the staff can help

    you might start by creating a new author / account (takes a new email address) and assign the persons posts and pages to the new fake author


    Thanks for your response. My concern now is, the posts written by the other person now appear with my “by-line” by when hovering over my handle, the profile is one for http://en.gravatar.com/the1udontphukwith. That profile has been deleted, but the “handle” is associated with the posts. It’s also associated with my gravatar on those blogs where the person clicked “like.”

    Okay, I’m going to try the new author account, but how do I get it on posts already published? If that works, I can at least get that nasty profile handle off my blog.



    edit the post in question – in the classic editor down below the box for the Text there will be a drop down thing with all the people that can write on your site – just select the new person you created – I do it all the time – I have a site that I manage for some friends that are retired and when I put a post up for them I just change the author to their name


    Auxclass, thanks for your help. I’ve give that a try. Meanwhile, I await for Gravatar to give me an answer. Just a note, but until Saturday, the former writer’s name appeared on posts, although his privileges were disabled in November. He deleted his gravatar account so his gravatar was blank next to comments until Saturday, when my gravatar appeared next to his comments and not just on my blog, but on all Word Press blogs where he commented.



    If the person had deleted their image in their Gravatar account then replaced the image with your image that would also give the results you describe

    I have seen in the forum a time or two where a troll used a similar account/ blog name and took the image of another user


    Auxclass, thanks for your response. The person deleted their Gravatar account. It turns out that they had 2, and also 2 blogs that they have deleted. I’m not sure if deleting a Gravatar account deletes the word press account. Since Gravatar is connected by email address, it might be that the person is using my email address with their Word Press account, which then gives them my Gravatar.

    Thinking about it, when I changed my Gravatar photo the other day, it changed on the person’s comments across Word Press. So, there is apparently some type of connection with them and my email address.

    I wish that I could hear back from someone in technical support about this to at least let me know they are working on it, or if I have to do anything.



    This is still flagged for the staff to help – they seem to be a bit behind now

    I think the link is the email – I just enabled something on my smart phone and some images started showing up in my contact list


    Auxclass, thanks again for your response, and thanks for your concern. A connection with my email address is the only thing that I can figure is doing it. I’m not sure, but I don’t think deleting the gravatar account and blog is also deleting the word press account. I’m wondering if he replaced his email address in his word press account with my own, which he had/has as a writer for the blog.


    Hello jswahman723!

    You can follow @masterdocumenter instructions to fix your issue. Let us know if you need any help.


    @blackbutterfly768, I found you contacted us by email about this issue. Our last reply was today, let us know if you didn’t receive it.


    Hi carinapilar. Yes, I received an email reply. The person changed their user name to the disrespectful one, and connected my gravatar to their account. WP is checking now to see what email addresses he connected because when I change my gravatar photo, it changes on his comments and “likes.” That means that I will never be able to have another gravatar to distinguish me from that person.

    The “likes” are embarrassing because it looks as if I’m clicking like to my own posts. On some of the blogs that I’ve visited and clicked “like” my gravatar appears twice. Both have my handle when hovered over, but one has my user name if clicked, and the other has his user name. I don’t why or what he did so that my user name appears but with his user profile when clicked. He has had two gravatar accounts, both deleted, so what he is doing must be with his word press account.

    What he did must be a violation of WP’s terms of service. It is deliberate impersonation, intended to humiliate me, and causes confusion on those blogs were both of us have commented.
    So, if his actions are not a violation of WP’s TOS, WP should consider changing its TOS to include impersonation and deliberate stealing of gravatars. If WP cannot take action against his account, what he did can be repeated by others. Eventually, WP will be no better than online news comment sections and forums.


    blackbutterfly768, we received your reply and we will check this situation. We’ll follow up by email. :)


    Carinapilar, thanks so much.


    Thank goodness for two-tier sign-in. This morning, I received 3 text notifications with verification codes within seconds of each other. I had not signed out of my account. Is there a way that Word Press can trace who attempted to sign into my account?


    blackbutterfly768, it isn’t possible to know. I suggest you change the password of your WordPress.com account. Here is more information that can be useful:


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