We have an account but our password is not working. North Carolina Small Farm Association.

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    We need access to our site. I have a My Site tab on the website but it just says we do not have a site. But it is there.



    Hi there,

    What is the URL of the site you’re trying to access? We need the address starting with https://… We can’t find a site based on the title alone.

    The meadowlarkfarmdennis account you used to post here has never owned any sites on WordPress.com, so if you have a site with us, you created it under a different username account.

    If you don’t remember the login details for the correct account, please follow our account recovery process at https://en.support.wordpress.com/account-recovery/ so we can help you regain access.


    It is confusing because when I type in http://www.smallfarmassociation.com it takes me to our site. My computer has a my site button. When I click on the my site button it says we don’t have a site do I want to build one. How do this work.



    The site belongs to a different WordPress.com account, not the one you’re currently logged in under.

    If you do not recall the password for the correct account, we have some options for you at https://wordpress.com/support/account-recovery/

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