Want to delete site but doesn't remember username/email/password

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    In 2012 och 2013 I created fiskkojan.wordpress.com for a friends business as a fun project. Now I need to delete it since my friend has sold his business and the new owners has asked him to delete the page.

    But. I don’t remember which username/email or password I’ve used. I’ve tried typing in my email to reset the password but since it doesn’t work I fear that the email I used to create the site is an email that I no longer have access to.

    What should I do?



    Hi there,

    That site belongs to the username fiskkojan. If you no longer have access to the email address you used for that username you can see our other account recovery options here:


    If you’re not able to provide any of the verification info required, we won’t be able to give you access to that site.

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