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    I’m having a lot of trouble with the VodPod widget. For some reason the save button on the clips I want to upload on my widget are not working. I know you might not be able to help since this is a problem of another site, but to send a message like this I need to be able to log in, which is a whole other issue. I was logging in successfully for a few weeks then suddenly I couldn’t. I asked for a new password which didn’t work. So I created a whole new account. That worked for a couple more weeks until I forgot my password. Same problems came up but this time I can’t create a whole new account because apparently the email adresses I have are already in use (even though I can’t log in with him). Any ideas on how to fix my problems? Are there any more reliable ways to post video clips on my blog than vodpod?

    The blog I need help with is hereslookinatyousquid.wordpress.com.



    Unfortunately, Vodpod got bought by Lockerz and things that used to work are kind of messed up. I think you may have to post your videos to Flickr instead.



    Vodpod used to work fine. If Lockrz can’t fix the migration problems and widget linking problems fast they should be written off as another epic fail.


    VodPod was wonderfull .. Lokers has prostituted it and it doest work for the use of my wordpress blog.. I hope wordpress finds anternative to Lockers .. VodPod is a great loss.


    Yes VodPod is messed up and Lockerz sucks and is useless..



    AGREE – vopod was so easy, lockerz is a nightmare. i need a new video tool, i dont like flicker either, come on wordpress find another gem !



    Vodpod has changed the way they handle videos since the acquisition by Lockerz. We’re looking into alternatives, but I can’t make any promises.

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