Vodafone vs Jetpack conflict: images blocked

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    I’ve been talking with the Jetpack ‘Happiness Engineers’ about why the images in my websites are missing and they revealed that Vodafone is blocking images hosted on your servers. Any website running Jetpack’s Tiled Gallery function and / or CDN function is looking broken to any visitor on a Vodafone connection. Vodafone is a global ISP, that is a lot of visitors not seeing a lot of images.

    How quickly will you have this fixed? Will you enable the disabling of the CDN image hosting in Jetpack? At present, the only solution is to disable Jetpack completely on any affected website.


    Hi violentgraphics,

    I see you are currently working through this with a Jetpack Happiness Engineer by email. Someone replied to you yesterday with a couple of suggestions so it would be great if you could continue to follow up there :)



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    The suggestions that the Jetpack HEs have sent me are how to twiddle the settings on the one Vodafone connection I’m using so I can get to look at my website. That is no use whatsoever. I need (well, you need) a fix so that anyone can look at Jetpack-equipped websites on any ISP.

    This is not my personal problem, it is your big one.

    Jetpack does not work on the Vodafone ISP.

    That means millions of website visitors see broken WordPress websites and have been doing so since early this year.

    You developed Jetpack.
    It does not work.
    You need to fix it.


    The beast place to get a resolution will be from the Jetpack team. Please write back to them in that email thread which is already in progress. I’ve made a note of this thread for them in a note there. There’s not any thing else we can do from the forums to assist since this issue is really best targeted to the Jetpack team.

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