Virus Warnings For My Site

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    My site:

    My security on my computer is sending up warnings every time I go to my site or my dashboard. It is claiming that it is trying to download an object, but it is denying access. The link it shows is not a wordpress link that it is coming from. It claims it has a worm in it.

    I don’t really know what to do.

    The blog I need help with is


    I just got an email from a reader that said the same. My blog triggered a warning. The reader uses Kaspersky for security. What do you use? Please write Support immiately!


    I am having the same problem. I use Kaspersky. The warning comes us when every I use my blog site or any word press site. Help!



    Same issue here–just heard from a reader.

    I hope WordPress fixes this ASAP.


    I wrote Support…



    I use Kaspersky too and now I’m being limited in what I can access.


    All here have only Kaspersky warnings? No other anti-virus programs involved?



    I’m only having Kaspersky warnings.


    I just did a MBAM fast scan. Latest edition, fully updated. No issues found.


    This could just be a false positive. If a Kaspersky user would open at thread in their forums it would be very helpful:



    I’ve noticed that it does do it on the global tags pages and if I refresh on the forums it does it. I’m now not getting my stats loaded or my stuff. In short, I’m only getting it on wordpress. Could it be some kind of cookie that is not jiving with Kaspersky? It clearly claims it is trying to download a worm and then it says it is denying access.
    I’ll check out their forums too.


    Thanks, niecey456.



    I have the same problem, Kapersky reports a worm.js.fbook.a virus every time I access, every blog I try including support.


    Here it is. Does not say what time zone they’re in at Kaspersky’s:

    It looks a lot like a false positive but of cause I have no way of knowing for sure…



    We did a clean sweep of our files and can’t find anything wrong.

    I recommend contacting Kaspersky about this, as there could be an error in their virus definition causing the false-positive.


    Thank you, macmanx. So to all the Kaspersky users in this tread: please drop them an email. Kaspersky’s staff will have to look into this….



    We sent them a false-positive report as well, but I have a feeling that registered users of their software will have better luck getting through, or that at the very least there will be strength in numbers.


    I just recommended a reader to do just that! :-) Folks, write Kaspersky!




    Okay I too have Kaspersky, and it’s getting annoying….that worm keeps popping up. It only happens at wordpress sites……and I have 3 blogs…..

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