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    Hello, I just looked at my site and I have a virus popping up!!!! A virus claiming to be Apple and winning a free iphone! I thought it was a phone virus so I’ve updated my phone software but it keeps happening, just on my website. Please help

    The blog I need help with is


    I’ve got people reporting the same issue when viewing my blog on an iPhone, although the pop up is complaining to be Cloudflare. My blog is


    Hi hellojessieharlin,

    I just looked at my site and I have a virus popping up!!!!

    I’ve visited but haven’t been able to see any popups. Which device are you using when the pop-up appears?

    A screenshot of the ad would be helpful if you are able to send one:

    Please include as much of the page as you can and upload the screenshot to your Media Library.

    Does the ad appear when viewing a particular post or page on your site? Or when clicking on a link to your site from elsewhere like Twitter or Facebook?

    @lizzierunning — I haven’t been able to see any pop-ups on your site either it would also be great if you could reply with the same information :)


    Thanks Gemma. I have just uploaded the screen shots to my media library. The two people who reported the issue were both trying to access my home page. Both using iPhones in Australia, although one is a UK mobile and one an Australian one. Everything looks fine when I go on the site myself.


    Hello :) thank you Gemma, I’ve just uploaded a screenshot too. The site is though….. not sure if the Jessieartblog is the core or something.

    The pop up happened in menu – watercolour when I clicked on my gallery.

    Thank you! :)


    Hi hellojessieharlin and lizzierunning,

    Thanks for your screenshots and the extra information. I’ll pass this on to our developers to they can take a look.

    Can you also confirm which browser(s) the ads are being displayed in?


    I’m gettting a similar complaint from a visitor to

    I can’t see the issue but they are accessing using a phone.


    I am in Australia and have the pop up problem too. Offering a free iPhone. resigned to


    Added screenshot to media library and I was on my iPhone using Safari



    Im getting the same message from people. The popup appears with iphone devices and Mac.




    I have seen this from different mobile devices when accessing my blog. Any update?
    Many thanks


    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your reports, I’ve passed these on too.

    @pwmather — which blog are you seeing ads on? I don’t have an update for you just yet but we are looking into what is causing them to appear.



    Hello – my blog is

    Many thanks


    Great, thank you :)


    Any idea how long it will take for your team to get back to us?

    My blog is (redacted)

    Thank you


    Hi thestoryofanni,

    I’ll reply here with an update as soon as I know more but I’m unable to give you a timeframe at the moment.

    I appreciate you are waiting for news, thanks for your patience.



    Just adding our site to this too. Had two users report the exact same issue just today. They both happened on iPhones. I’ll try get some screen shots if I see them again today. Thanks for looking into it.


    Hi edrictheatre,

    Thanks for reporting this. A screenshot uploaded to your Media Library would be helpful if you are able to get one.


    I uploaded a screenshot to my media library. It’s still happening.


    I have the same pop up. Does WordPress have a solution for this yet?

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