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    I am using Dara theme and I have been able to customise all the colours I wanted except for the ‘View Your Shopping Cart’ dropdown background colour which bugs me, and the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button colour which is not too bad but could be better! Could anyone help me with that, please?

    Thanks a lot!

    The blog I need help with is stormlesscirclecoaching.com.



    Hello @ekelpsaite,

    Your site is using the open-source WordPress.org software, please click on the following link to seek help at these forums.



    Hi there,

    For future reference, the support forum for the self-hosted version of Dara you’re using can be found at https://wordpress.org/support/theme/dara/

    To be able to help you with the CSS you’d need I have to be able to see your site and at the moment it’s hidden behind a Bluehost landing page. The CSS classes needed to target those elements come from the specific ecommerce plugin you’re using, not from the theme, and I need to be able to inspect your site’s source code in my browser to see what classes are being used for those elements.


    Dara is made by us at Automattic, and while we do have a separate forum for the self-hosted version of this theme on WordPress.org, we’re able to help here just fine.

    Either way, please don’t refer people to the general support forums on WordPress.org for issues regarding a specifc plugin or theme. The general forums over there only help with the WordPress software. Help with specific plugins and themes are provided by the companies who make those products, and support with hosting-related issues are provided by someone’s hosting provider. The general forums cannot help with those issues that aren’t with the WordPress software itself.



    Okay, @kokkieh, Thank you for your information.



    Hi, thank you. I launched my website today.


    Do you want the cart dropdown space to match the blue color of the menu?



    I am not sure but if you gave me a CSS code for that bit, I would be able to experiment with the colour! Thank you.


    Understood. This will get you started. Write back if you need more help.

    .main-navigation {
    background-color: #15b6b8;


    Thank you! It was sorted by someone else in another forum. Thanks for your help!

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