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    I had a website which someone set up for me with WordPress. The domain which I set up with was somehow directed to the WordPress site by the person who built the website so I don’t know what they did or how they did it. I’ve now built a new website which I want to direct the same address to. I believe I’ve shit down and deleted the WordPress site and according to I’ve redirected the address ( to the new site, but it’s not working. I’ve tested everything using a different domain, redirecting to the same new website and it works but NOT with the old one. I assume it must somehow still be confused by the old redirection but I’m at a total loss as what to do to fix it.



    I’m seeing point to a portfoliobox site. Is this correct?

    If so, the issue you are having is likely that it can take a day or three for nameservers to update across the internet when you change them for a domain.

    Also worth clearing your browser cache to make sure it’s not looking at a cached version of the page you are trying to visit. Or, just accessing the site in a different browser.

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