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    Not sure if im posting this in the correct place but im trying to find a decent vertical fly-out menu that works in wordpress, is produced in css but has javascript support for the dreaded IE6. The site im building is for educational purposes and so it is quite possible most of the institutes viewing the site will have older windows machines running IE6.

    I can find a million top level navigation (horizontal) menus but no one seems to be using flyout side bar menus anymore.

    I have tried various vertical menus but none of them seem to work correctly with the wp_list_pages function.
    For example i would like the parent pages with child pages to show that they have child pages by appearing with an arrow next to them.
    I tried the pixol multi level nav plugin but they want 100 bucks a month to become a premium member to get access to the css for the menu in a vertical format.

    I have a basic knowledge of css but if anyone can help me, a dumbed down answer would be much appreciated or a link to a tutorial would be great.
    I have searched and searched for months and have come up blank.





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    thanks timethief. The bot had already told me that though :)



    Not all people are inclined to read the manual or to read and comply with the support bot’s message. Sometimes they linger and then out of the blue they post again and ask why isn’t anyone helping me? That’s why I did a follow-up.
    Best wishes :)

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