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    I would like to use ,a href=””>MathJax in my blog. Is that possible? How can I do it?

    Please do not suggest the $ latex … $ alternative. I currently use that, and it is ugly. I found instructions for installing MathJax in WordPress here, but that doesn’t apply to I also found this post that shows how to install MathJax on Blogger, and suggests moving from WordPress to Blogger simply because WordPress doesn’t allow MathJax. But that can’t be right — if Blogger can do it, WordPress should be able to do it too. So how do I use MathJax in my blog?


    The blog I need help with is



    So how do I use MathJax in my blog?

    Blogger software and software are completely different. wordpress.COM is running on wp-MU multiuser software. The MathJax code is JavaScript and will be stripped out by wordpress.COM software to maintain security on this multiuser blogging platform because blogs are not free standing blogs and that means that one bad script could bring down many blogs.
    See here >

    Staff will not available until March 2nd, 2011. Then you can submit your question directly to them at this link.


    I understand all that. But Blogger manages to maintain security while allowing MathJax. Why can’t do the same?

    I’ll submit my question as you suggest.



    Blogger is owned by the giant Google and Google most certainly can provide more horsepower on the backend than the free hosting blogging sites are really able to provide.

    Let me explain (for those who don’t already know) why can’t allow javascript on free hosted blogs on their wpMU (multi-user blogging platform.

    Blogs are served from {name} The WordPress cookie is delivered to any site that ends in Any Javascript on the page is legitimately allowed to look up cookies that would be sent to the domain it’s served from.

    This means that if you can run Javascript on a hosted WordPress page, you can retrieve the login cookie from another WordPress user, and then pass it to an external site. (Generally by creating an image reference that includes the encoded login cookie.)

    This is just a basic part of the underlying technology of the web browser, and it’s required for sites like gmail, Yahoo!, and others to operate.

    There are ways a site can avoid this problem (generally by constantly changing the login cookie data with EVERY response, and invalidating the old ones immediately), but they require more horsepower on the backend than the blogging sites are really able to provide, and there’s still usually a small window of opportunity.

    This is why Livejournal, WordPress, and most other hosted sites disallow Javascript on their pages. It’s also why those who require Javascript are best served by choosing to hire a web host and download their own free-standing sofwatre install from wordpress.ORG.

    Best wishes with making your request to Staff. Clearly, Volunteers cannot help with this issue as we do not make policy decisions.


    Thank you for your clear and concise explanation.



    You’re welcome. :)


    G’day TT, thanks for posting that quote.



    Top ‘o the day to thee. You’re welcome. It’s a quote from a post on my blog. LOL :D I have gutted so many of my posts to answer questions here that I’m now beginning to worry about traffic loss. [SHRUG]

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