Use WordPress to update Twitter & Facebook

  • I use WordPress for years. Months ago, my friend invites me to Facebook. I like it’s status idea, but i want to blog with WordPress and update Facebook status in the same time. After hours of google, i find this method :

    Need :
    * WordPress
    * Twitterfeed (Use WordPress OpenID login)
    * Twitter
    * Facebook

    I can’t find a way to update Facebook directly from WordPress. I only find that I can use Twitter to update Facebook.

    Go to Twitterfeed, it will use your WordPress RSS to update Twitter, then go to Facebook and find Twitter apps, it will update your facebook status by using your twitter message.

    Here is the flow :

    WordPress –(RSS)–> Twitterfeed –> Twitter –(Twitter facebook apps)–> Facebook status

    I use P2 theme in wordpress, it will be my main place for status archive. Its RSS will update Twitter & Facebook. I want my status show on my main blog, i use Twitter widget to do this.

    Now, i write once on WordPress(P2 theme), it will also show on Twitter, Facebook, & my main blog.

    Write once, show on 4 place.

    I hope wordpress make a facebook apps like Twitter, so i can update Facebook status directly from my wordpress.

    Reference :
    My wordpress status blog (P2 theme)

    My wordpress main blog



    Twitter Facebook apps


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • You can also blog on your mobile, point to

  • You can also blog directly from your iPod Touch, or your iPhone:

  • Unfortunately, Twitterfeed down frequently. i dump it.

    I still use Twitter to update my Facebook status.

    I use LoudTwitter now. It will post ALL my twitter message to my blog daily.

    Although it’s not real time (Use Twitter widget to show twitter message in real time), you can have a archive of your twitter message, more easily for searching & review by yourself or your friends.

  • Thanks so much for suggesting Loudtwitter! I’ve been looking for a Twitter to blog program that would work with for ages!

    As for Twitterfeed, it was a little broken last month, but apart from that I’ve not had problems with it in two years.

  • In Facebook, Add Networkblogs application.
    Then add your feed to it on your profile.
    When you write on your blog, it will update in the stream on Facebook and your wall.
    Hope this helps.

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