Use a variable in a shortcode

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    It is for a wheather site, a Meteobridge uploads an php file with some $variable like: temperature, moisture, windspeed. This file with the $variable is included in page.php in WordPress. Now I will shortcode the data in the wordpress pages.

    I will use an $variable who is outside the function. In the shortcode function.

    This is what i will do:

    function shortcodevariable( $atts ){
        return 'echo $variable';
    add_shortcode('variable', 'shortcodevariable');

    I think we need an array but I dont now how, can somebody help?

    Thank you very much.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey janwwebdesign,

    Your website seems to use the self-hosted WordPress version.

    We’re only able to help with the websites. Please submit your query to forums.

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