Urgent – Email verification error, domain transfer

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    I’ve started the process of transfering my domain to a new provider.
    The email registered on this domain was not in use anymore, so I tried to change it to a new email address (email A).

    Weirdly, I didn’t get any verification email. I tried to send it again a few times but it didn’t work (couldn’t find it, even in my spam).

    I decided to change it again for another address (email B) and finally got an email titled “Review and approve the domain registrant update.”.

    It says that I have to review and approve the update, which I did. At this point it said that it could take up to 5 days to see any change on the domain contact informations.

    But when I go back to my wordpress.com dashboard, it still says that an email has been sent to the first mail address (email A). And that if I don’t verify this email on my “email A” mailbox, my domain won’t be usable in 10 days. But now I’ve registered my “email B” address on this domain.

    I’m stressed out that I might lose my domain now.

    Weirdly enough, I still got the auth-code mail necessary to move my domain to my new provider. Which I guess I should not do right now until my contact information are updated first ?

    I really hope somebody can help me with this. That would be great christmas present :D

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is collectif-associations-unies.org.



    What is the desired email address?


    Hi, thank you for your answer @macmanx.
    The desired email address would be (email redacted)

    Thank you,



    We have no trace of that email address in our system. Is there maybe a third email address you could try?


    Hi !
    I got an email from another Automattic Engineer saying : “There does appear to be an error when resending the verification. I reached out to our domains team who will follow up with you soon.”.

    But as I said, I still got the auth-code email necessary to transfer my domain (even though my adress isn’t verified). Can I still transfer it ?

    During that time, is there really a risk that I could loose my account ?


    Hi there,

    There is no risk that you would lose your domain or account with us, but it is likely that a transfer will not work at this point, as I can confirm transfers appear to be locked still when I check on our end.

    We will email you once we know more from our registry partner, but until then I recommend waiting. Thanks for your patience!

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