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    Recently upgraded from http://www.selfinflicteddrama.wordpress.com to http://www.selfinflicteddrama.com and all of a sudden Norton Anti-virus started flagging my site as a brand-new site (I have been blogging for years) and a potential security risk, trying to get personal information.

    Currently disputing this with Norton but wondering if anyone else has had this issue when upgrading?

    The blog I need help with is selfinflicteddrama.com.



    Hi there,

    This can happen.

    First, from their perspective, this is a new site. Google thinks so as well, which is why you’ll probably not see your site coming up in search results for a while until they finish re-indexing your site at the new address.

    The reasons is these services use your site’s URL, not the content, to identify the site. If you change the URL, that service has no way of knowing it’s still the same site. They just see a new URL. It’s similar to moving and not telling anyone you did. Your mail will still go to your old address, and your friends might drop by a total stranger for a cup of tea, cause they have no way of knowing you don’t live there any more.

    Some services, like Google, has an address change tool that you can use to inform them of such a switch, but I’m guessing Norton doesn’t.

    With a custom domain there’s also another issue: you might not be the first person to own that domain, and you have no way of knowing what the previous owner used it for. If a previous owner of that domain used it for a phishing website, or to host malware or illegal content, it can be on all kinds of watchlists, and blacklists at anti-virus providers and search engines, and you’d only know it once you start using the domain and seeing a bunch of warnings on your own site.

    In that case the best thing to do is to report it as a false positive to the service in question – they’ll usually have that option on the warning screen – and work with them to get your site reviewed and removed from whatever list it’s on.

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