Upgraded stats and changes to WP interface

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    I’m still not sure why leaving the customizer should bring you to either dashboard; the preferred behavior is to return to the newly edited page.

    At Feb 8, 2015, 12:53 AM, rachelsquirrel said,

    I see what you mean about going to the customizer via My Sites > Customize where exiting will take you to the new Dashboard rather than where you were before. I’ll ask about this and report back. If you go to the Customizer from WP Admin (Appearance > Customize) then existing out of this will take you back to WP Admin.

    It’s odd that there would be a different result when exiting the customizer depending on the link you used to get there, but that is in effect what rachelsquirrel suggests. My experience contrasted with yours supports tends to support the suggestion. We access the customizer from different links, and get different results when we try to exit it.

    While you’re waiting for a fix for the bug, I believe you can avert the issue immediately by using the Customize link in the classic dashboard instead of the Customize link in the My Sites drop-down menu.



    Exiting the Customizer brings me back to the classic dashboard, assuming that I’ve accessed the Customizer from the classic dashboard. Either way, it still takes me away from the page I’ve been working on.

    @rachelsquirrel, thanks for the update on the bug.



    Just letting you know the hover text has been added to the new stats. It’s the views, visitors, and views per visitor at this stage but they will be adding the number of posts published for that day also.



    Yay rachelquirrel, hover is back! Thank you:)

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