Upgraded stats and changes to WP interface

  • Now that WP has closed the topic “Massive changes to the WP interface”, we could go on discussing things in this spot.
    Anything new that was not mentioned before?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Quite so. I have entered a formal complaint for breach of the code of conduct and interfering with its contents. Here (with a copy of that coded of conduct)


    I repeat here a formal complaint against whoever closed the “Massive Changes” topic and tampered with the original code of conduct.

  • I really hope that WP management intelligent and brave enough to withdraw the new dashboard and stat page. This new stuff is terrible, confusing, user unfriendly. Really taking away my mood to write. Today I felt to write a post but this feeling immediately disappeared after I tried to navigate on this new crap. It is so sad to see that something nice and intelligent stuff get demolished because someone created such a morbid brainchild possible from boredom. If this new stuff not going to be revoked than I will look for another options. I am lucky that I did not extended some of my subscription …

  • Thanks, theo48 for starting this new thread so we can continue our conversation about the “new” changes.

    One point I’d like to see cleared up is whether or not the old-old classic Stats page (one with our own color scheme accessible through the classic dashboard) is going to be discontinued or not.

    From two different staff replies:

    “At least one (possibly both) of the older stats pages should be retired at some point.”


    “There aren’t plans to remove the classic wp-admin dashboard, though, so if you’d prefer you’re welcome to keep managing your sites from there.”


  • It’s in my opinion quite cheeky that they closed the other thread but I assumed it would happen as it’s the recent behaviour of them since beep beep boop.

    Meanwhile I tested the new stats page again and again and can’t stand it. It’s a terrible experience. Many things have been mentioned already in the other thread but here again to make something clear…

    1. It’s still a riddle for me who came up with the idea to place a 267 pixel wide sidebar in a main element of 960 pixel. There are 693 pixel left over to show us the actual stats, thus resulting as mentioned AGAIN and AGAIN in a scroll heavy page. In comparison, the old stats page has no sidebar and can show content in the width of the full 960 pixel. This is also the reason why the old stats page can show two columns of nice stats content while the old page horrifyingly shows us the content in a single column, yet again resulting in a scroll heavy page and this in the year 2015. Again. this is mobile design and not desktop responsive. This alone was the single biggest design mistake.

    2. Taking a look again it appears that there is so many data lost now that it is sad, or I just can’t find it (which would be a bad sign too)?

    First, we had a summarie link in all stats elemens of the old stats page where we could acces 7 and 30 day stats, monthly and yearly data and what not. Where is this data in the new stats page? I can’t see it. If it is removed, why to was it not added? This was one of the reasons why I used WordPress, because the old stats with all the data were quite cool.

    Then I still don’t get why someone wouldn’t include search terms to the stats. Yes, I know, knockout argument… Google doesn’t show 100% of the data anymore, but it’s a fact that they still show let me say 10 or 20%. What I saw in the search term element, that were the highest traffic search queries of my blog, thus an indicator explaining me what is hot on my blog. Removing this data althought Google does still transmit the main search queries, that is plain wrong.

    But then we got new stats elements where I just have to scratch my head. Videos, really? What the heck? Thanks god that there is YouTube and that I am aware what I shared on my blog. I don’t even upload videos to my blog, I mean why should I if I can do that on YouTube and embed it to my blog? And even if I would do, why do I need an element in the stats that shows me if I uploaded videos to my blog?

    Same for the ne authors element. Seriously.. if I am aware about anything on my blog, than it’s how many authors do write there. I am the only one but even if I would have a team of 20 authors, believe me, I could remember every single name of them because otherwise I wouldn’t even have invited them to write on my blog. Showing this in the stats, that is hilarious unimportant.

    I can just say it again, the whole new stats page isn’t an improvement. It’s hard to use due to the fact that the page is forcing me to scroll quite a lot and it’s extremely confusing due to the single column layout.

    The sidebar in the stats page wouldn’t even be necessary if the designers would go back to the old concept. We were able to access everything easily with the old designs but now it’s just bad. I don’t have a problem with sidebars but if they take one third of a main colum resulting in less informations visible, then it is terrible, terrible, terrible.

    Again, it’s hard to nail all the errors down because from design and usability aspects there is pretty much everything wrong with that new design. And as said, there are less informations now.

    I speak it out loud again… don’t remove the old stats page. I have read in the closed thread that the page might be removed and I can’t tell you how terrible this idea is. This old page must stay at least with a link as it is right now. It’s ok for me if I have to do one extra click as long as I am not forced to use this new page.

    Apropos closing threads again… this reminds me to childhood. Childs do use their hands to put them on their ears if they don’t want to hear anything. This, exactly this is what it means to close threads, especially popular threads with a heavy community voice. What it means to close this thread? It is offending us all and means “Shut the ____ up”! It’s not only censoring, it’s foolish.

    Remember… you read from people here who did suggest your servive for quite a while until you decided to change what brought us here.

    I agree, changes are at some point necessary but it’s a matter of how it’s done… face it, you did it wrong. Closing a thread with over 400 pages of community concerns, that shows that you simply can’t take this fact. This is evidence of incapacity.

  • One of the easier ways to get more width space on the “New WP” admin pages would be to have a collapsible sidebar which is available on the old “classic” dashboard/Admin pages.

    But I’m afraid that WP doesn’t have the intention of making the “New WP” admin pages desktop friendly, only mobile/tablet useable.

    I think we need to push WP in keeping the “classic” admin pages: old Stats, old editor, old list of published/drafts page with the bulk edit option, etc.

    We who prefer the “classic” pages will have to bookmark those pages on our browser(s) as the navigation system is so poorly designed.

  • Hmm, interesting.
    Search the WP forums page for ‘stats’ and what you get is a whole lot of links to *support* pages about stats. I don’t want so-called support, I want to talk about where the old stats page has gone.
    I tried the new stats page, didn’t like it, tried to say so but the feedback page was shut down. So I went on using the old stats page, but now it’s gone.
    Does anyone know if there is any way to access it again?

    PS *sigh*, I’m wasting a lot of my time trying to navigate WP these days … do these so-called Happiness Engineers understand that some of us just want to blog, not constantly have to adapt to changes we don’t want and that don’t work for those of us who are using desktops?

  • lisahillschoolstuff, is this the old Stats page you are looking for?

    I suggest bookmarking it.

    I did find it through the link called “View All” on the classic Dashboard located through the “WP Admin” link below “My Sites”.

  • do these so-called Happiness Engineers understand that some of us just want to blog, not constantly have to adapt to changes we don’t want and that don’t work for those of us who are using desktops?

    The point of streamlining is to remove superfluous steps, elements, or designs. Ideally, a streamlined interface would fade into the background, enabling us to do our work without excessive steps or distractions.

    These changes add unnecessary and pointless scrolling and clicking, and they call attention to the new interface by dumping us into the new dashboard at every turn (such as when I exit the customizer).

    The only streamlining we see is in the simplistic nature of the new design, which emphasizes the interface at the expense of the user.

  • Over the last five years, I’ve taught more than 12,000 students how to use WordPress.com for an online distance learning company. The recent changes to the WP interface are making it much harder to explain how WordPress works. They’re also discouraging plenty of would-be WordPress users. I deal with these new users every day, and I can assure you that dissatisfaction is growing dramatically.

    The overhaul has created a WordPress that’s difficult to sign up for and to navigate. And the constant online tweaking is annoying and frustrating.

    This is a textbook example of changing for the sake of change. WordPress.com is far less intuitive today than it was a year ago. And if this pattern continues, it’s going to mean the beginning of the end for a once-great platform.

    Matt Mullenweg — are you out there? Please log onto WordPress.com and see what a confused mess it’s becoming. And help us to restore WordPress to the brilliantly easy to use application it once was.

  • Matt Mullenweg — are you out there? Please log onto WordPress.com and see what a confused mess it’s becoming. And help us to restore WordPress to the brilliantly easy to use application it once was.

    Sadly, Mullenweg might be the one pushing for these changes.

  • Just NO. What is this? Blogging for idiots? Don’t mess with what’s not broken d***it. I blame Apple. Less is less. Urgh. Will have to move my blog somewhere else.

  • It can’t be Apple. Scrolling on a Macbook is a nightmare. It’s like playing Operation while drunk.

  • ! WP CEO Matt Mullenweg ! has know made a reply on this subject. It can be found near the end of the comments list (at January 29, 2015 at 17:57) on :-


    You can reply to him there if you wish. I don’t think he is quite aware of the deliberate removal of navigation links. So, the more respondents the better :-)

  • Wow, Graham, I’m impressed. Very good that Matt replied to your blog post.

  • @danelionsalad Thanks for the encouragement. It all helps. It took more effort than should have been necessary (ain’t it always the way) but is now starting to pay off and, if your in the mood, pile in. Thanks again.

  • To timethief, that thread may also be closed soon.

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