Unusually low WordAds Earnings

  • I checked my earnings to see how much I made in May and it’s significantly lower than the month before… even though I had more ad impressions…This has only happened to me one other time this year. I’ve been using WordAds for a year and a half now.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Advertising rates fluctuate constantly, and they have been dropping industry-wide.

    Please see the post linked to in the latest update from the private WordAds Group blog for more details.

    Once we’re done with WordAds 2.0, we hope that will draw the attention of some the rarer higher paying advertisers again.

    Please let us know if you have any more questions via https://wordads.co/contact/

  • It seems that your blog has the same problem as my blog. Most of your ads are blank, which means there are no advertisers renting those.

    I wonder if WordAds couldn’t just fill the blank ads with adsense pay per impression ads? I mean couldn’t you just place adsense there until you have new advertisers on board?

    The problem I see is that blank ads make the blog really look bad. The whole widget area is moved down and for some blog visitors it might not be apparent why this is the case… it looks like a defect template, although we know it isn’t… but how can our visitors know? It looks unprofessional anyhow.

    This is quite a big issue anyhow. As much as I am curious about WordAds 2.0, I think it should be highest priority to find a solution for the blank ads and highest priority to get new advertisers on board first.

    I have a friend with a selfhosted site and adsense enabled, he has all ads filled… at least there is not an industry-wide problem to find advertisers, although I understand that the payments might be low right now in summer… but I do not understand why ads are blank.

    Here is a little criticism… I think you guys doing a great job, your support was always fast and awesome in the past and most of your answers helped me out. But I do think you need to do a better job to find advertisers. The blank ads are a real issue.

  • It is the highest priority with WordAds 2.0, that’s why we’re doing WordAds 2.0. ;)

    Trust me, we’re just as surprised by the amount of advertisers bailing on the entire industry as you are.

  • That sounds pretty promising then :) I hope the release is not too far away ;)

  • Hopefully with the month. :)

  • Now that is a great news! Waiting for the announcement post to pop up in my inbox soon :D

  • Yep, I am following both :) Thanks.

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